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Week 8 Picks: Wayne Dobbs

October 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Well I had a positive ratio last week, but I’m still behind Xavier. He picked some upsets and at first I laughed but once I made my own picks I began to see what he was seeing. Not sure I trust some of the better teams to win on the road this weekend.

Wayne Dobbs’ Week 8 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Buccaneers(2-4) vs Vikings(5-2): Vikings – I’m not sure about this game. If the good Buccaneers show up, this should be their game on points regardless of the Vikings defense. If the good Vikings show up they should be able to keep this game around 20 points and get to the quarterback often enough. I’m going Vikings because they have been much more consistent, they are at home, and their record is much better.

Sunday Football
Falcons(6-0) vs Eagles(3-3): Falcons – Falcons in this one. The Eagles have a good defense, but they lost their defensive coordinator. Between Michael Vick and the Falcons defense, the Eagles might not have a drive without a turnover. Falcons 7-0. Did I mention I’m starting the Falcons defense on my fantasy team this week?

Dolphins(3-3) vs Jets(3-4): Jets – I have to pick the Jets in this, I have to. They usually don’t reproduce after scoring more than 25 points, but the Dolphins have them angry and chomping at the bit. Likewise most likely the opposite direction as well. Picking the Jets because I’m a Jets fan. Go Jets! No hot sauce!

Patriots(4-3) vs Rams(3-4): Patriots – The Patriots should be able to pull this one off. Bill Belichick is smarter than everyone on the Rams sideline. Offensive weapons favor the Patriots a little too much in this one.

Redskins(3-4) vs Steelers(3-3): Steelers – The Redskins have been coming back and keeping games close or blowing leads, I’m not sure what they’re going to do besides score some points. The Steelers have Ben Roethlisberger and a tough defense, and they are at home.

Seahawks(4-3) vs Lions(2-4): Seahawks – The Seahawks should be able to pull out a low-scoring win over the Lions, as in the Lions will have a low score. Road wins are fun.

Chargers(3-3) vs Browns(1-6): Chargers – I’m picking the Chargers in this one because they have been playing fairly well despite playing fairly bad, while the Browns lost their run game most likely for this week as well so their passing game shouldn’t be too hard to cover. Excluding of course Brandon Weeden to Josh Gordon once or twice this game.

Panthers(1-5) vs Bears(5-1): Bears – The Bears should win this game, and it will make the Panthers look bad. Which is bad, because the Panthers need a win coming off a loss after their bye week.

Colts(3-3) vs Titans(3-4): Titans – The Titans should win this game for a few reasons. Besides being at home, they can score points, a lot of points. The Colts also don’t appear to be a good team minus the sporadic appearances of Andrew Luck, which do create highlights.

Jaguars(1-5) vs Packers(4-3): Packers – The Packers at home to the Jaguars, I like this matchup. I’m still not starting the Packers defense in fantasy, but I like this matchup. No MJD or Gabbert for the Jaguars. Packers should win this game handily.

Raiders(2-4) vs Chiefs(1-5): Raiders – I think the Chiefs had better get used to the idea of 1-6. The Raiders aren’t a horrible team, only a bad team. The Chiefs right now are a worse team. Brady Quinn won’t be able to put this offense together in team to beat a Raiders team that only thrives on teams that are worse than themselves.

Giants(5-2) vs Cowboys(3-3): Giants – The Giants are good on the road against teams that should win at home. Sorry Cowboys, a negative record is just around the corner. Look for more Eli Manning deep passes.

Sunday Night Football
Saints(2-4) vs Broncos(3-3): Broncos – The Saints do score a lot of points, but the Broncos are at home. The Broncos are also playing better recently, and the Saints defense gives up more points than any other team. This should be a good game. Sunday Night Football is the best.

Monday Night Football
49ers(5-2) vs Cardinals(4-3): 49ers – This game could end up going to the Cardinals for a number of reasons, from their defense that keeps teams in range to their offense that started to click at one point thus having potential, but I think the 49ers can win this on their offense alone if they choose to. The question is, will they choose to this week? Not to mention the 49ers defense, which I just mentioned, is one of the best.

This should be a good week of football. Hopefully Xavier doesn’t end up being right, again, or I’ll never catch up.

Week 7 Picks: Wayne Dobbs

October 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Been away for a couple of days, and I missed Xavier Huntington’s wedding. But I’m back posting just in time for the picks Thursday!

Wayne Dobbs’ Week 7 Picks

Thursday Night Football
Seahawks (4-2) vs 49ers (4-2): 49ers – The Seahawks defense and run game have been solid almost every game this year. This will be a tough game, but the team with the best rushing should pull it out. With Brandon Jacobs active for this game, look for the 49ers backfield to gash, mash and slash the Seahawks defense.

Sunday Football
Cardinals (4-2) vs Vikings (4-2): Vikings – The Vikings are turning out to be quite the team, while the Cardinals continue to skirt by with average play and low scoring games. The Vikings will prevail in this one, their score ending somewhere in the 20s.

Ravens (5-1) vs Texans (5-1): Ravens – This is a tough game, with the slightly weaker Texans offense with no injuries or the slightly weaker Ravens defense with injuries. Between Joe Flacco becoming a QB this season, and Ray Rice doing what Ray Rice does, this game should go to the Ravens.

Browns (1-5) vs Colts (2-3): Colts – The Colts are the better team, everyone would agree. The Browns have been scoring against defenses better than the Colts, but the Colts defense plays close to their offense. As long as Andrew Luck can make something happen, this should be the Colts game to lose.

Redskins (3-3) vs Giants (4-2): Redskins – My upset of the week! The Redskins will go into MetLife Stadium and beat the Giants. That is all.

Titans (2-4) vs Bills (3-3): Bills – I am tempted to go with a better all-around team in the Titans, but the Bills have the pieces to explode against teams in the middle of the pack as far as performance goes. No matter how many turnovers they have, a stellar offense should keep the Bills scoring more than the Titans can handle, unless the Titans think the Bills are the Lions.

Saints (1-4) vs Buccaneers (3-3): Buccaneers – The Saints should beat the Bucs, but I smell a 20-something point game from the Saints. As long as the Buccaneers can do anything they did last week, they can win this game.

Packers (3-3) vs Rams (3-3): Packers – The Rams defense is great this year. The Packers offense has woken up this year, and is great every year. The Packers have too many weapons, when they play well and right now they are playing well, for the Rams to handle.

Cowboys (2-3) vs Panthers (1-4): Cowboys – The Panthers haven’t had a great game all season, their best was a loss to the Falcons at the end of the game. The Cowboys have been falling apart this year, but they have picked up the pieces after their bye week and should be coming into Pantherville guns-a-blazing.

Jaguars (1-4) vs Raiders (1-4): Raiders – The Raiders aren’t as bad of a team as they appear to be. The Raiders defense, despite being 32nd in the league, can create turnovers and cause receivers issues with their secondary. The real two reasons the Raiders win this game? The Jaguars don’t score points, the Raiders do. No matter who either team has been playing.

Jets (3-3) vs Patriots (3-3): Patriots – I want my Jets to score big again, but it just isn’t going to happen. The Patriots produce numbers on the defensive side of the ball, and not just points scored on them by opposing teams which they appear to be competing for. Between Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Rex Ryan’s Hot Sauce, this game should go to the Patriots. The Patriots actually show results on the field when a guy like Rex sends bench players at his guy’s knees, so, if the Jets know what’s good for them they won’t do anything dirty. Pissing off some of the best opposition in the league isn’t exactly a fantastic idea, like I said, they respond with performance on the field.

Sunday Night Football
Steelers (2-3) vs Bengals (3-3): Bengals – The Steelers are the better team, but the Bengals will win this one. That’s just all there is to it.

Monday Night Football
Lions (2-3) vs Bears (4-1): Bears – The Lions haven’t quite gotten into a stride yet this season, while the Bears and their monster of a defense have been eating teams alive, though the scores don’t quite show it that way. The Lions and the Bears are two of those teams that everyone enjoys watching play, they go at each other. Bears are the better team and should win this game.

Week 7 Picks: Xavier Huntington

October 18, 2012 Leave a comment

By Xavier Huntington

Here are my picks for NFL week 7. I didn’t submit any picks last week because I was busy getting hitched. Im back in the swing of things and plan to pick to perfection from here on out.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 7 Picks:

Thursday Night Football

49ers vs Seahawks, 49ers: The 49ers coming off a terrible homefield loss to the Giants will have something to prove. The Seahawks have been playing well and are challenging for the division. A low scoring, defensive affair. I give the 9ers the edge at home.


Browns vs Colts, Colts: Luck continues to play well against a sad Browns team.

Packers vs Rams, Packers: Chance Aaron Rodgers could be more or less shut down again against a tough Rams defense in St. Louis. The Rams however don’t have enough offensive capability to keep up even with a less than stellar performance from GB.

Cardinals vs Vikings, Vikings: This team is very under the radar. A good defense and an offense that is coming into it’s own with Ponder at the helm. The cardinals defense, while still good has started to fall off a bit. The majority of their wins have been by less than a touchdown, that kind of luck wont continue, especially with their dreadful offense.

Redskins vs. Giants, Redskins: Close divisional game, I think the Skins w/ RG3 pull a fast one here.

Titans vs. Bills, Bills: The Titans have not played well this year, I expect that trend to continue against the potentially dangerous offense of the Bills

Saints vs. Bucs, Saints: Coming off their bye I think the Saints are well prepared for this Bucs team

Cowboys vs. Panthers, Cowboys: The up and down Cowboys should pull out the narrow win over Cam and the Panthers, this is not based on any logic.

Ravens vs. Texans, Texans: After their blowout loss to the Packers the Texans are at home w/something to prove against the 5-1 Ravens missing the majority of their defensive nucleus.

Jaguars vs. Raiders, Who cares: Im sure someone does, but it aint me. Both these teams suck. I guess I’ll go with the Jags because they have MJD and Palmer likes to throw interceptions.

Jets vs. Patriots, Patriots: At home in Boston they are hard to beat. I expect the Jets to play well against their rival and Rex Ryan’s nemesis, or if not play well then at least keep the game competitive

Steelers vs. Bengals, Bengals: I still like this Bengals team, especially the combo of Dalton and Green, the Steelers are not the same team, especially defensively, that they have been for the past decade.

Monday Night Football

Lions vs. Bears, Bears: The Bears are as complete a team, offensively and defensively, as they’ve ever been. The Lions seem to have regressed from last year. Give me the Bears at home in this one, thanks.

Week 3 Picks: Xavier Huntington(ham)

September 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Undisputed picks champion Xavier Huntington(ham) has his first picks list of the year. I am posting this for him because one he didn’t write a ‘Hello, How Are You, Im Fine Thanks For Asking’ introduction to his picks. For the record, he got in his Giants vs. Panthers pick before the game Thursday, although I am not sure why he refers to some teams by their name and to others by their city, but when you are the reigning picks champion you can pretty much do whatever you want.

So here it is, the first picks posting of the year, two weeks late.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 3 picks:

Giants (1-1) vs. Carolina (1-1) – My pick: Giants, Even with Cam Newton and the resurgence of Steve Smith I just have a hard time thinking of the Panthers as good or competitive team. The Giants haven’t looked great except for that half against the Buccaneers, but I think they show up for this game.

Saints (0-2) vs. Chiefs (0-2) – My pick: Saints, This one came down to homefield advantage for me. Arrowhead is a tough place to play and Brees is not as dominant outdoors. Luckily, he’s home in the Superdome. I think the Chiefs actually play them close, but NO comes out with the win.

Rams (1-1) vs. Bears (1-1) – My Pick: Bears, A loss to the Packers in a surprisingly defense filled game and a dominant win over the Colts in Andrew Luck’s first professional game, or a close loss to an up and coming team Lions team, and a close win over RG3 in his first professional game. I think it’s close with the Bears out on top, and hopefully a big game from Brandon Marshall, GO BM!

Bills (1-1) vs. Browns (0-2) – My Pick: Bills, While I think Cleveland eventually wins a game or two, I don’t think it is this one. Sorry Cleveland fans.

Jets (1-1) vs. Dolphins (1-1) – My Pick: Jets, Reggie Bush is good, but Miami is still bad. They got rid of their best cornerback, so even Sanchez should be able to dissect that secondary.

49ers (2-0) vs. Vikings (1-1) – My Pick: 49ers, Their defense should be able to stop a recently injured Adrien Peterson and they have enough offensive weapons to wear down the Vikings defense.

Buccaneers (1-1) vs. Cowboys (1-1) – My Pick: Cowboys, The Buccaneers should not have as much success in the passing game as last week, conversely the Cowboys should expect more.

Jaguars (0-2) vs. Colts (1-1) – My Pick: Colts, They aren’t as bad as everyone seems to think. The Jaguars are. Luck appears to be past the jitters he had in game 1.

Bengals (1-1) vs. Redskins (1-1) – My Pick: Bengals, The Bengals have a surprisingly solid defense, even if they haven’t demonstrated it thus far. The Redskins have some key defensive players missing. I think this will be a big game for the BJGE

Lions (1-1) vs. Titans (0-2) – My Pick: Lions, Another lame game for Chris Johnson up against the Lions #6 run D. The Titans defense has not demonstrated a defense capable of stopping the aerial attack of the Lions. Calvin Johnson’s first big game of the season. After which he dies of a happiness heart attack; Madden Cursed.

Falcons (2-0) vs. Chargers (2-0) – My Pick: Falcons, Probably a big game for Julio Jones since Roddy White had a big one last week. I’ve figured out the pattern see… The Chargers don’t have enough offensive weaponry to contend with this improved Falcons D.

Eagles (2-0) vs. Cardinals (2-0) – My Pick: Cardinals, Gut call really. I think they pull off the upset at the end of the game.

Steelers (1-1) vs. Raiders (0-2) – My Pick: Steelers, I think The Raiders do not pull off the upset at the end of the game. Or any part of the game for that matter.

Texans (2-0) vs. Broncos (1-1) – My Pick: Broncos, For no reason

Patriots (1-1) vs. Ravens (1-1) – My Pick: Ravens, The Ravens have a good defense with the ability to rattle Brady, which is really all it takes. The Patriots Defense is improved, but they have no answer for Torrey Smith or Ray Rice in this game

Packers (1-1) vs. Seahawks (1-1) – My Pick: Packers, Rodgers and the offense gel to a level never seen before and become Overlord of Earth. The Seahawks stout D is vaporized.

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The Peanut Gallery’s Super Bowl Picks

February 4, 2012 1 comment

Super Bowl XLVI is upon us. That is 46 for those of you that… Who cares? It’s the Super Bowl! Once a year the two best or the two luckiest teams get together, in someone else’s stadium, and destroy any records for viewer ratings. The plays in the Super Bowl are almost always better than during the regular season or the playoffs. Last game of the year, bonus for winning, your mom watching at home, a lot of pressure to play like real athletes and actually sacrifice their body to make any play. This is going to be fun.

You may have noticed that these picks are coming up today as opposed to last night, like I said they were. Sometimes, in a man’s life Johnny, he falls asleep wherever he is at, in whatever comfortable position he is in on the couch, because, well Johnny, life is hard.

It looks like Xavier Huntington isn’t going to get his picks in to us on time, so we will just have to do it for him! Hopefully our mock pick for Xavier will remind him. When I told Vince Veritas my pick he cheered. If I were him I would hope my record doesn’t finish 2-5. Onto the picks! Xavier just got his picks into us so the post has been updated as can see from the update at the bottom. Way to keep us waiting, Xavier.

Super Bowl XLVI
Giants vs. Patriots

Wayne Galaxy
Pick: Patriots 31, Giants 27
Take: I am not going to talk about stats coming into this game. It is simple. I am a Jets fan. Rooting for the Patriots is unacceptable. Although I will be rooting for the Giants tomorrow, you cannot deny the Patriots the credit they have earned. The Master and the Apprentice haven’t been doing or saying much, which leads me to believe the dark side is up to something. I sincerely hope the Patriots lose tomorrow, not much I can add to that. I just don’t see the Giants stopping the Patriots late in the fourth quarter. If the Giants are to have any chance at all, the late season push will have to push a little harder in Super Bowl XLVI.

Xavier Huntington:
Picks: Giants 31, Patriots 24
Take: In a rematch from both week 9 of this year and the super bowl of the 2007 season the Giants and Patriots meet once again. The Giants won the previous two meetings in hard fought battles. They should do the same again on Sunday. Their superior defense and Eli Manning’s ability to sling the ball with the best of them, not to mention what is basically a home field advantage in Eli’s brother’s hometown of Indianopolis, a city whose quarterback is embedded in a rivalry with the Patriots’ Tom Brady. The Patriots did not beat a team with a winning record and so far in the playoffs have faced little actual competition, defeating the lowly Broncos, and having a game handed to them by the hot and cold Ravens. This is a team riding high on false confidence. The Giants, on the other hand, have only enjoyed one home game, a whooping of the Falcons. Their other wins have been on the road in Green Bay, grounding the Packers air game, and in San Francisco in a hard fought battle that was likely decided by two almost interceptions. This will be a close game, in which the Giants should be able to pull out a victory.

Vince Veritas
Picks: Giants 31, Patriots 20
Take: Someone’s going to come away with their fourth Super Bowl victory this Sunday in Indianapolis. The Patriots, somehow, are 2 ½ point favorites; I guess this is what odds makers see on paper. The game, however, is played on a field. And judging from current and past events, look for the Giants to impose their will and secure another world title. The Patriots will make some noise and, no doubt, benefit a bit from the officials (Tom Brady gets more calls than Tim Duncan used to). But in the end, if the same two teams who have shown up during the postseason show up Sunday, prepare for a second New Year’s Eve party in Times Square. Anyone who has watched this postseason knows that, thus far, the Giants are the better team in every category (yes, I mean at Quarterback and Head Coach too). They were better than the Packers, better than the 49ers, and are certainly better than any AFC squad. They stopped Aaron Rodgers and will stop Tom Brady. They are road warriors who look at this game as another road game and as, once again, underdogs, who haven’t received their proper respect. They will execute their game plan and come away victorious, hoisting yet another Lombardi Trophy.

This year, two teams that did well during parts of the year and bad during others, almost alternating at times, are coming together to give us the single greatest live performance of the year. This is the time of year to pull out the barbeque and invite your friends over. Watch the game, and actually enjoy the commercials, with a complete sense of satisfaction the entire time. How often can you say that?

UPDATE SUNDAY 9:56 AM PST: Xavier Huntington got his picks to us just in time! Only a few hours left until the Super Bowl. Good job Xavier. I suppose we’ll remove ham from the end of his name now.

Playoff Picks Catastrophe

January 24, 2012 Leave a comment

How could I have gone 1-5 in my playoff picks? Ok, ok. This post isn’t about me even though it is titled to imply that it is about my horrible picks. This is actually about Vince Veritas and his amazing 6-0 picks. If you want to know who will win the Super Bowl, Veritas is taking calls.

No ‘Vince Veritas’ is not going to give you his picks, that is why we put up our picks up on Friday . . . Ok we are just lazy, but posting our picks on Friday is a good way to lower the odds before you use Vince Veritas’ informative and seemingly psychic ‘out of nowhere’ knowledge to your benefit. I am sure Vince Veritas is very knowledgeable when it comes to football. Your very own Wayne Galaxy apparently is not knowledgeable of football when it comes to playoff picks, however if you want to base your picks off my own picks, betting the opposite seems like a sure thing.

Let’s start at the beginning, well the beginning of The Peanut Gallery’s picks.

First Veritas picked the 49ers over the Saints in the divisional round of the playoffs. A lot of people probably remember thinking no defense can save the 49ers from Drew Brees and the Saints if the 49ers offense can’t play better than in the regular season. The 49ers played better than in the regular season. Then Veritas picked the Patriots over the Broncos, which we all picked, my only correct pick. Veritas picked the Ravens over the Texans which most people saw coming, but there was still hope this game would put me on top. The Texans lost.

Of all the times to pick the Giants over the Packers, Vince Veritas nailed it. In the 2nd round of the playoffs, the Giants went to Lambeau Field. Xavier Huntington picked the Packers, we all know who else picked the Packers. Heck, you probably picked the Packers. Vince Veritas picked the Giants, going an undefeated 4-0 versus 3-1 and 1-3.

In the 3rd round of the playoffs, Vince Veritas had yet another undefeated round. Managing to pick both conference championship games correctly, Veritas moved to 6-0, removing any hope Xavier Huntington had of winning. After getting lucky with a Patriots pick, Tom Brady throwing for no touchdowns, Veritas boldly predicted the Giants would beat the 49ers at home in Candlestick. Though the final scores weren’t quite as high as Veritas predicted, it was the sole prediction the Giants would win, that proved to be yet another clamp on the ‘Picks Title’ so to speak.

The Super Bowl, even if worth a couple points, most likely still would not be enough for either Xavier Huntington or your own Wayne Galaxy to come back and win the picks contest. Vince Veritas has been lights-out the past two weeks, and we will see if he can continue his streak and correctly pick the Super Bowl.

Now that we have two weeks until the next real game, the Super Bowl, we just have to find a way to convince Vince Veritas to do a special bonus pick for the Pro Bowl. Thankfully Veritas doesn’t know much about the Pro Bowl this year, maybe we can make the Pro Bowl pick worth real points, to make this a contest again.

Due to my 1-5 record, Veritas wants me to pick the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. You can probably guess who Veritas is going to pick.

The Peanut Gallery’s Conference Championships Picks

January 20, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s that time of the week again, time for The Peanut Gallery’s conference championships picks. I had only one pick correct last week, making for quite the long week thus far. Vince Veritas got all four picks right, making sure all week that I point that out, so there you go. Xavier Huntington has a respectable three right so far, remaining in the picks contest, though he technically is winning due to the fact his name is easily worth two bonus points.

There are some lengthy takes below, and the games this week deserve it. With three of the four defenses this week playing well in recent weeks facing off in matchups that will send two teams to the Super Bowl, this is surely going to be one hard-hitting weekend of NFL football. As always, your very own Wayne Galaxy will start the picks. Let’s hope this week I have better luck.

Ravens @ Patriots

Wayne Galaxy
Pick: Ravens 36, Patriots 24
Take: A team with a defense outside the top 25 has never won the Super Bowl. The Patriots defense is outside the top 25. I am reluctant to go for Harbaugh over Belichick, given the shellacking the Patriots gave the Broncos, but the Ravens defense has been strong all year, keeping teams within range of their often mediocre offense. Between Ed Reed calling out Joe Flacco and the front line, and the Ravens losing home field advantage despite earning a bye in the wild card round, the Ravens will find a way to come through and keep the Patriots from scoring 45 points for the second straight playoff game against a top-ranked defense.

Xavier Huntington
Ravens 27, Patriots 24
Take: This game appears to be evolving into a shootout.  Naturally, discounting defensive performance, Tom Brady has the advantage here.  When defense is entered into the equation the solution becomes a bit more convoluted.  The Patriots live and die by their top 5 ranked offense and succeed despite the 31st ranked defense.  The Ravens are just the opposite, a highly regarded defense supporting a middling offense.  Obviously a game of strength against strength.  It comes down to this:  Is the Ravens offense, better than the Patriots defense.  My answer?  Yes.  The Patriots defense is horrendous, a fact that Ravens QB Joe Flacco (playing with a chip on his shoulder) should be able to exploit successfully.  He has good rapport with both Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith, the deep route speedster.  I don’t think the Patriots will be able to stop them.  Another factor in both the ground and air game is Ray Rice, who 2 seasons ago gashed the Patriots with an 83 yard run for a touchdown on the opening play.  The Patriots offense averaged 32.8 points a game this season in defeating a veritable who’s who of nobody teams.  In their 2 games against playoff caliber teams (both losses) they were held to 17 and 20 points respectively.  I believe the Ravens defense is good enough to accomplish this feat against the almighty Brady. A little pressure from the defensive line or linebackers sporting names such as Haloti Ngata, Ray Lewis, and Terrell Suggs on Brady will throw off his timing as evidenced time and time again whenever the Patriots QB feels hurried or gets knocked down.  This will open up the opportunity for the ever present ball hawk Ed Reed to grab at least one INT.  This game will not be as close as the final score makes it appear as the Ravens defense will relax a bit towards the end of the game, allowing Brady to put up some points in garbage time.

Vince Veritas
Patriots 24, Ravens  21
Take: Despite the Patriots record, they know, deep down, that the book on them the last few seasons is that they’re soft against tough teams. Will they “man up”. Well, if they don’t now they never will. I believe the Ravens will start to deconstruct if they fall behind by 10 or more. Both Reed and Lewis have been critical of Flacco and the offensive unit this season (even this week following their victory against the Texans) and that’s no way to play for a championship. Brady and company will do enough to win, only to face plant in the Super Bowl.

Giants @ 49ers

Wayne Galaxy
49ers 31, Giants 21
Take: The combination of strong running for both teams in this matchup will create some problems for the defenses, but hopefully it only creates big hits. Between Frank Gore and Ahmad Bradshaw, these two teams have their work cut out for them on the defensive front line. As I said above about the Ravens and Patriots game, a team whose defense is outside the top 25 has never won a Super Bowl. A team whose offense was outside of the top 25, however, has also failed to ever win a Super Bowl. In the end, defense will be the deciding factor in this game. Alex Smith had a great game during the divisional round considering he doesn’t have a receiver in the top 30 with total yards through the regular season, and Eli Manning has had some great games when Hakeem Nicks catches those crazy ‘falling meteor’ deep passes and Victor Cruz turns a couple of catches into highlights and touchdowns. This game will be all about the defense, though it may not look that way from the final score. The 49ers will find a way to pull away.

Xavier Huntington
49ers 20, Giants 17
Take: This is going to be a hard fought game decided by defense and a hard-nosed rushing attack.  This is not the same Giants team that the 49ers defeated earlier in the season.  After Vernon Davis’ explosive game against the Saints the Giants will do their best to stifle that outlet for Alex Smith.  One of the 49ers other receivers will have to step up to help the offense move the football.  The Giants have several key defensive players in this game that were out for the previous matchup, running the ball will not be easy for either team.  The 49ers have removed 7 running backs from games they played this year, 6 did not return.  This statistic does not bode well for Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw.  A win in this game will hinge on at least one or all of several aspects:  A successful ground game, an advantage in takeaways, and special teams.  Judging by the preceding season the 49ers hold the advantage in all.

Vince Veritas
Giants 31, 49ers 27
Take: This is a tough one–the toughest to call in these playoffs. I like both coaches, both quarterbacks, both defenses. Both teams are workmanlike without a lot of braggadocio. The Giants are peaking and have been for several weeks. One week they run over people, the next they win through air assault, all the while playing staunch defense. The 49ers are for real in every aspect of the game, including, it appears, the emerging passing game of Alex Smith. Last week was a real break-out game for him, as he matched Brees down the stretch and was Mr. Clutch. In the end, he’s going up against the original Mr. Clutch in Eli Manning. If the 49ers are plus-two on turnovers they have an excellent chance to come away with the victory. If not, I see a close game that the Giants win. As I said, both have Good defenses, but despite the 49ers overall #1 ranking, the Giants playoff D has been, frankly, better thus far. Pretty impressive to not allow a TD in two playoff games, against the Falcons and Packers no less, without the help of two terrible drive sustaining calls by the refs in the Green Bay game (resulting in the TDs).  I still feel that the Giants feel, quietly, that they’re disrespected. They fuel themselves with their Road Warrior mentality and are not affected by lack of home field advantage; in fact, they thrive on it. So, in the end, it’s the battle-tested Giants in the Super Bowl.

I’m very happy to report that we did not bet the most correct picks for a sandwich. Although if somehow, though impossible, I can come back and tie for first in the picks contest, I will be very unhappy to report that I wish we had bet for that sandwich.

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