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My fantasy team could be in trouble!

October 25, 2012 Leave a comment

My fantasy team lost last week, again. 2-4-1 is not quite the record I had expected to have, but if you thought I was giving up you are wrong! The Sacramento Footlong need to turn it around in the GFL, or I might be watching the playoffs this year.

Picking up Ryan Fitzpatrick last week to cover for Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning on a bye week ended up being a great move. Dropping Brian Hartline was also a good move. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I want to replace the failing Steve Smith of the Panthers with Josh Gordon of the Browns, who just so happens to still be on the waiver wire. Cam Newton still looks better than Brandon Weeden, but as weird as it sounds, that could change soon.

Stevie Johnson finally had a good game, thankfully it was the same game I played Ryan Fitzpatrick. I’m going for that again this week with Peyton Manning and Eric Decker, it doesn’t work out very often. After seeing Manning throw for 300+ yards in three straight games, I think it is finally time to elect Manning the starter of my fantasy team over Matt Ryan.

I was lucky enough to have a great performance from Frank Gore, to cover for the big zero Vernon Davis gave me, but unfortunately Gore appears to be banged up. He doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal, but the media is treating it like the Trent Richardson injury. Speaking of Trent Richardson, I played him last week and now that he has admitted he isn’t playing at full capacity, despite playing at full capacity with prior injuries, this injury might be serious enough to bench him this week, and I have done exactly that.

To replace Trent Richardson I brought in Darren Sproles, not a bad replacement. Thankfully receiving points count for running backs, or Sproles wouldn’t be worth his fantasy weight in paper. I’m going with three receivers this week because my only other running back, Fred Jackson, has a bye this week. Eric Decker hopefully puts up some kind of numbers, any numbers. I made a play for Randall Cobb just to fill my starting roster with absolutely any potential.

I picked up Dustin Keller (go Jets!) as a backup for Vernon Davis. I figured after last week, Vernon Davis will make sure he is extra open this game. Also, Dustin Keller had a great full game back, which is what I will need to backup Vernon Davis. I’m keeping Lawrence Tynes the Giants kicker because he’s ranked number one in kicker fantasy points and the Giants are playing the Cowboys this week. Every Cowboys game, there are a ton of kicks from both teams.

I had picked up the Packers defense last week because the Falcons defense had a bye week. It ended up being a good pickup, not because they did well last week but because they have a good matchup against the Jaguars this week. Fortunately for me, the Falcons have a better matchup against the Eagles this week. I’ll take the better Falcons defense against the turnover-prone Eagles offense long before I even consider the Packers lack of defense going up against the Jaguars completely lack of offense, even this week when the Jaguars are missing their two biggest offensive threats.

All I can do is hope I fix the problems I’ve had the last couple of weeks, while juggling players to cover for bye weeks.

Fantasy Week 7 Matchup

October 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Last week I lost 63-74, putting my record at 2-3-1. There were a lot of busts from starters across the league, definitely one of the lowest scoring fantasy weeks we’ll see this season. This week I go up against XH whose fantasy team name is Baltimore Gentlemen. I grabbed Ryan Fitzpatrick, Scott Chandler and the Packers D/ST off waivers, dropping Matt Schaub, Jacob Tamme and the Bengals D/ST. Between having 6 players on their bye weeks and the large amount of  points the Baltimore Gentlemen score each week, I had to make some moves heading into this week.

Current Week 7 Lineups:

Sacramento Footlong (2-3-1)
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick –  Buf vs Ten
RB Frank Gore – SF vs Sea
RB Fred Jackson – Buf vs Ten
RB/WR Trent Richardson – Cle @ Ind
WR Steve Smith – Car vs Dal
WR Stevie Johnson – Buf vs Ten
TE Vernon Davis – SF vs Sea
D/ST Packers D/ST – GB @ StL
K Lawrence Tynes – NYG vs Wsh
QB Matt Ryan –
QB Peyton Manning –
RB Darren Sproles –
WR Eric Decker –
WR Brian Hartline –
TE Scott Chandler –
D/ST Falcons D/ST –

Baltimore Gentlemen (4-2)
QB Tom Brady – NE vs NYJ
RB Ray Rice – Bal @ Hou
RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Cin vs Pit
RB/WR Nate Washington – Ten @ Buf
WR Brandon Marshall – Chi vs Det
WR Vincent Jackson – TB vs NO
TE Aaron Hernandez – NE vs NYJ
D/ST Cardinals D/ST – Ari @ Min
K Greg Zuerlein – StL vs GB
QB Joe Flacco – Bal @ Hou
RB Jamaal Charles – Bye
RB Reggie Bush – Bye
RB Willis McGahee – Bye
WR Roddy White – Bye
WR Antonio Brown – Pit @ Cin
TE Kyle Rudolph – Min vs Ari

Frank Gore and Vernon Davis played Thursday night, Gore scored 20 fantasy points while Davis dropped an egg with 0 points. This should be a close matchup this week but I’ve got a shot at beating the league owner! You’re going down!

Now all I have to do is hope my players don’t follow suit with Vernon Davis. Easier said than done.

Week 7 Games to Watch

October 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Every week there are some matchups that we should all watch, and some we wished we had watched. The Seahawks vs 49ers game this week was one of them, but that game is being played right now. A little late. There are still other potentially great matchups!

Week 7 Games to Watch!

Ravens (5-1) vs Texans (5-1)
This game could have a combined score under 30 points and also at the same time it could have a combined score over 60. These are two of the top defenses in the league without question, but both sides have suffered key losses. The Texans lost Brian Cushing for the year, which showed during their first loss of the year last week. The Ravens lost Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb last week, with Terrell Suggs still out this game. The defensive struggle we expect to see, may or may not happen.

The reason this is a game to watch this week isn’t just because of the team records or the solid defenses, these are two of the best, if not the top two, running backs in the league competing against depleted defenses. Matt Schaub has shown he can play well, and with Arian Foster the Texans stand to earn some yardage and put some points on the board. The Ravens have Joe Flacco who normally wouldn’t be a threat but he has been throwing the ball deep fairly well, not to mention Ray Rice who gains yards on any defense, especially this Texans defense.

Two 5-1 teams going head-to-head is always a game to watch.

Redskins (3-3) vs Giants (4-2)
The Redskins have woken up this season, again, and are likely to rise to the challenge of great teams. The Giants shut down the 49ers and have been scoring on everyone this year. Combine that with two defenses that can put up a fight and we’ve got ourselves a game. Both quarterbacks appear to find ways to dismantle defenses as the game goes along, overcoming the challenges before them. That is a sign of greatness, and there are two of them in one game.

The Giants have a traditional run game with running backs, while the Redskins have Robert Griffin III. Rushing for over 100 yards last week after suffering a concussion in Week 5 and putting up consistently big numbers, Robert Griffin III has given the Redskins new life and a fighting chance. The Giants have Eli Manning at the helm, with a solid list of offensive weapons. If these two quarterbacks get into a shootout, this could end up being the best game of the week.

Dueling quarterbacks with a green light to air it out make this a game to watch.

Titans (2-4) vs Bills (3-3)
This is an interesting matchup. The Titans have scored against poor defenses, while the Bills score on every defense. The Titans don’t have any consistent players, while the Bills consistently turn the ball over. The Bills have a great running game, while the Titans manage to get it done, very well, without a running game. Sounds like this could be a good game.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been throwing interceptions left and right, while managing to throw enough touchdowns to keep the Bills in most every game this season. Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller make up a strong backfield for the Bills. The Titans had a backfield last year with CJ2k Chris Johnson, they have no backfield this year. Somehow though, the Titans continue to get it done with good numbers and enough points to make every opponent take them seriously.

One team’s plan is throwing more touchdowns than interceptions and the other somehow getting it done on the scoreboard though nobody knows how are what make this a game to watch.

Sleeper of the Week
Cowboys (2-4) vs Panthers (1-4)
The Cowboys always have the potential to score 30 points, lucky for us so do the Panthers. This could be the week both teams find their groove. Let’s hope so.

Week 7 Picks: Wayne Dobbs

October 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Been away for a couple of days, and I missed Xavier Huntington’s wedding. But I’m back posting just in time for the picks Thursday!

Wayne Dobbs’ Week 7 Picks

Thursday Night Football
Seahawks (4-2) vs 49ers (4-2): 49ers – The Seahawks defense and run game have been solid almost every game this year. This will be a tough game, but the team with the best rushing should pull it out. With Brandon Jacobs active for this game, look for the 49ers backfield to gash, mash and slash the Seahawks defense.

Sunday Football
Cardinals (4-2) vs Vikings (4-2): Vikings – The Vikings are turning out to be quite the team, while the Cardinals continue to skirt by with average play and low scoring games. The Vikings will prevail in this one, their score ending somewhere in the 20s.

Ravens (5-1) vs Texans (5-1): Ravens – This is a tough game, with the slightly weaker Texans offense with no injuries or the slightly weaker Ravens defense with injuries. Between Joe Flacco becoming a QB this season, and Ray Rice doing what Ray Rice does, this game should go to the Ravens.

Browns (1-5) vs Colts (2-3): Colts – The Colts are the better team, everyone would agree. The Browns have been scoring against defenses better than the Colts, but the Colts defense plays close to their offense. As long as Andrew Luck can make something happen, this should be the Colts game to lose.

Redskins (3-3) vs Giants (4-2): Redskins – My upset of the week! The Redskins will go into MetLife Stadium and beat the Giants. That is all.

Titans (2-4) vs Bills (3-3): Bills – I am tempted to go with a better all-around team in the Titans, but the Bills have the pieces to explode against teams in the middle of the pack as far as performance goes. No matter how many turnovers they have, a stellar offense should keep the Bills scoring more than the Titans can handle, unless the Titans think the Bills are the Lions.

Saints (1-4) vs Buccaneers (3-3): Buccaneers – The Saints should beat the Bucs, but I smell a 20-something point game from the Saints. As long as the Buccaneers can do anything they did last week, they can win this game.

Packers (3-3) vs Rams (3-3): Packers – The Rams defense is great this year. The Packers offense has woken up this year, and is great every year. The Packers have too many weapons, when they play well and right now they are playing well, for the Rams to handle.

Cowboys (2-3) vs Panthers (1-4): Cowboys – The Panthers haven’t had a great game all season, their best was a loss to the Falcons at the end of the game. The Cowboys have been falling apart this year, but they have picked up the pieces after their bye week and should be coming into Pantherville guns-a-blazing.

Jaguars (1-4) vs Raiders (1-4): Raiders – The Raiders aren’t as bad of a team as they appear to be. The Raiders defense, despite being 32nd in the league, can create turnovers and cause receivers issues with their secondary. The real two reasons the Raiders win this game? The Jaguars don’t score points, the Raiders do. No matter who either team has been playing.

Jets (3-3) vs Patriots (3-3): Patriots – I want my Jets to score big again, but it just isn’t going to happen. The Patriots produce numbers on the defensive side of the ball, and not just points scored on them by opposing teams which they appear to be competing for. Between Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Rex Ryan’s Hot Sauce, this game should go to the Patriots. The Patriots actually show results on the field when a guy like Rex sends bench players at his guy’s knees, so, if the Jets know what’s good for them they won’t do anything dirty. Pissing off some of the best opposition in the league isn’t exactly a fantastic idea, like I said, they respond with performance on the field.

Sunday Night Football
Steelers (2-3) vs Bengals (3-3): Bengals – The Steelers are the better team, but the Bengals will win this one. That’s just all there is to it.

Monday Night Football
Lions (2-3) vs Bears (4-1): Bears – The Lions haven’t quite gotten into a stride yet this season, while the Bears and their monster of a defense have been eating teams alive, though the scores don’t quite show it that way. The Lions and the Bears are two of those teams that everyone enjoys watching play, they go at each other. Bears are the better team and should win this game.

Week 7 Picks: Xavier Huntington

October 18, 2012 Leave a comment

By Xavier Huntington

Here are my picks for NFL week 7. I didn’t submit any picks last week because I was busy getting hitched. Im back in the swing of things and plan to pick to perfection from here on out.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 7 Picks:

Thursday Night Football

49ers vs Seahawks, 49ers: The 49ers coming off a terrible homefield loss to the Giants will have something to prove. The Seahawks have been playing well and are challenging for the division. A low scoring, defensive affair. I give the 9ers the edge at home.


Browns vs Colts, Colts: Luck continues to play well against a sad Browns team.

Packers vs Rams, Packers: Chance Aaron Rodgers could be more or less shut down again against a tough Rams defense in St. Louis. The Rams however don’t have enough offensive capability to keep up even with a less than stellar performance from GB.

Cardinals vs Vikings, Vikings: This team is very under the radar. A good defense and an offense that is coming into it’s own with Ponder at the helm. The cardinals defense, while still good has started to fall off a bit. The majority of their wins have been by less than a touchdown, that kind of luck wont continue, especially with their dreadful offense.

Redskins vs. Giants, Redskins: Close divisional game, I think the Skins w/ RG3 pull a fast one here.

Titans vs. Bills, Bills: The Titans have not played well this year, I expect that trend to continue against the potentially dangerous offense of the Bills

Saints vs. Bucs, Saints: Coming off their bye I think the Saints are well prepared for this Bucs team

Cowboys vs. Panthers, Cowboys: The up and down Cowboys should pull out the narrow win over Cam and the Panthers, this is not based on any logic.

Ravens vs. Texans, Texans: After their blowout loss to the Packers the Texans are at home w/something to prove against the 5-1 Ravens missing the majority of their defensive nucleus.

Jaguars vs. Raiders, Who cares: Im sure someone does, but it aint me. Both these teams suck. I guess I’ll go with the Jags because they have MJD and Palmer likes to throw interceptions.

Jets vs. Patriots, Patriots: At home in Boston they are hard to beat. I expect the Jets to play well against their rival and Rex Ryan’s nemesis, or if not play well then at least keep the game competitive

Steelers vs. Bengals, Bengals: I still like this Bengals team, especially the combo of Dalton and Green, the Steelers are not the same team, especially defensively, that they have been for the past decade.

Monday Night Football

Lions vs. Bears, Bears: The Bears are as complete a team, offensively and defensively, as they’ve ever been. The Lions seem to have regressed from last year. Give me the Bears at home in this one, thanks.