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Week 11 Picks: Xavier Huntington

November 15, 2012 1 comment

Wayne Dobbs: No intro again this week from Xavier, that lazy good fer’ nuthin’. But, he is still beating me, even not counting after I missed picking a game last week on our scorekeeper. Anyways, here are his picks this week.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 11 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Dolphins vs. Bills – Dolphins, I just don’t think the Bills have it. CJ Spiller should have a decent game with the majority of the carries since Fred Jackson is absent, even against the Dolphins solid run defense. The Dolphins aren’t great, but they’ve shown they can win some tough games. The Bills haven’t shown that yet.

Sunday Football
Cardinals vs. Falcons – Falcons, I was literally in the process of writing how I thought the Cardinals were going to get back to shutting down really good quarterbacks like they did earlier in the season, and while that may still happen, the Falcons have a respectable defense as well, and I don’t think whoever is playing Quarterback for the Cardinals now is up to beating them.

Bengals vs. Chiefs – Bengals, Should be an easy win for the Bengals, but I hope Jamaal Charles gets a good amount of carries and has success.

Jets vs. Rams – Rams, At home, they have good defense and the Jet don’t have a good offense. If Sanchez gets pulled though and Tebow comes in I reserve the right to change my answer.

Eagles vs. Redskins – Redskins, Im not sure whether Vick was helping or hindering the Eagles, but the fact remains this team is falling apart at the seams. The Redskins haven’t reached the mythical state of “there” yet, but they are starting to approach it.

Buccaneers vs. Panthers – Buccaneers, I stand by my mistrust of Cam Newton, despite flashes of brilliance and athleticism the Panthers still have not shown an ability to win. The Bucs can put up a large amount of points, and I think they will do so against the Panthers.

Jaguars vs. Texans – Texans, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Texans rested their starters in this game, and still won.

Browns vs. Cowboys – Browns, I think the Browns surprise in this one. I initially picked the Cowboys, but then I realized they really stink. They are too inconsistent to really trust. I think they drop an easy home win.

Packers vs. Lions – Lions, not for any reason I can think of beyond desire. Im tired of the Packers being good and I have a thing for under dogs, which the Lions have been for about as long as I’ve been alive and probably another 30 years on top of that.

Saints vs. Raiders – Saints, Both defenses are pretty bad. The one difference is the fact that Drew Brees is a competent quarterback where Carson Palmer likes to throw interceptions.

Cols vs. Patriots – Patriots, I think it’s a close game, closer maybe than it should be. The experience of Brady and the presence of Gronkowski get the Patriots the win despite all the chickens I sacrifice to the football gods.

Chargers vs. Broncos – Broncos, The Broncos already beat the Chargers in San Diego and the trend likely continues in the thin air of Mile High Stadium. Peyton seems on the ball now after some initial rustiness. The Chargers don’t have an answer.

Sunday Night Football
Ravens vs. Steelers – Ravens, Really just because I like them better overall. I have Ray Rice on my fantasy team and Big Ben is (allegedly) a rapist.

Monday Night Football
Bears vs. 49ers – 49ers, mostly because I don’t like picking against them. They ARE at home, but the Bears are good. Defensive, likely low scoring game. I just have a feeling Marshall gets a big reception that shifts the momentum at a pivotal moment. I still pick the Niners though. Im a homer what can I say.