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Week 8 Games to Watch

October 25, 2012 Leave a comment

There are only a few games this week with the potential to be great. Fortunately for you, I’m going to talk about some of them!

Week 8 Matchups to Watch!

Redskins(3-4) vs Steelers(3-3)
This game has it all, quarterbacks, running backs, offense, defense, ugly color combinations. These two teams are incredibly similar right now, if you hadn’t already noticed. Both quarterbacks have the potential to make the big plays both at any given moment and all game long. Both backfields can run the ground-and-pound all game long. Both defenses can play tough at times. Before this season, who thought you’d hear someone say the Redskins and the Steelers are incredibly similar?

The Redskins have Robert Griffin III at the helm and Alfred Morris in the backfield, quite the duo at this point in the season. Given the fact teams are learning to plan for both players to run the ball, and run it well, it’s no surprise Robert Griffin III has had so much success in the passing game. Combine that with a defense that has at times given up as many points as their talented offense can possibly score, and we could have quite the performance from the Redskins on offense.

The Steelers know how to make plays, with Ben Roethlisberger commanding the offense. Their defense is a little suspect this year, given a few injuries. Seeing a similarity yet? Combine the Ben Roethlisberger lead offense with a defense that hasn’t been as tough lately, and we could see the ball fly on a regular basis tonight with the Steelers.

Big plays are just around the corner, all we need is for both quarterbacks to play like they mean it. Two superstar quarterbacks going head-to-head with mediocre defenses make this a game to watch.

Giants(5-2) vs Cowboys(3-3)
This is one of those games where you hope both teams don’t have a bad night offensively. Between the Tony Romo lead Cowboys and the Eli Manning lead Giants, this game has a chance. The Cowboys have been falling apart lately, so it may take closer to a miracle for them to come together for an entire game, or enough in the 4th quarter. The Giants have been crushing teams, we just have to hope their defense doesn’t play so well tonight so the Cowboys have a chance.

The Giants are playing very well this year, with Eli Manning throwing the ball deep on a fairly regular basis. It also helps when your receivers catch the deep ball, as often as its thrown. The Giants defense can go hot or cold, but when they go hot they definitely are going to make somebody hurt. The Giants have a nice backfield as well, able to run the ball for a majority of the time between Eli Manning throwing the deep ball. Let’s hope we see more passes than runs.

The Cowboys need to get it together. Tony Romo smiles too much for the type of performance he’s been putting up, stinking up the place along with Dez Bryant. Miles Austin has had a pretty good last couple of games, so has DeMarco Murray who is unfortunately injured. The Cowboys need a helping hand tonight, and the only place they’re going to get it is on the defensive side of the ball with a turnover.

Here’s to hoping the Cowboys offense figures out what the problem is before we end up watching a one-sided game.
Having two teams in one game that can and have put up huge numbers despite the competition makes this a game to watch.

Saints(2-4) vs Broncos (3-3)
This game is going to be great. Drew Brees and the Saints always score points, their defense always gives up points. Combine that with Peyton Manning running the Broncos offense and we’ve got ourselves a game. This won’t be about defenses, although they might play tough and come up with a few big plays of their own. This game will be about the impressive offense of both teams.

The Saints have Drew Brees throwing the ball for them, a sure sign there will be passing touchdowns for the Saints by the end of this game. The large number of Saints players able to catch the ball and make plays after the catch is what gives them their incredible edge when comparing their offense to pretty much any defense. Their defense used to be revered, now they make the big hits while giving up the big plays, so nobody cares. If the Saints want to win this game they are going to have to score points, because their defense gives up more points than any other team in the NFL.

The Broncos have a well-balanced offense if you think about it. Peyton Manning is great, which he again proved this year, but he is throwing to only two wide-receivers and a question mark at tight end. The Broncos run game is actually doing pretty good, with Willis McGahee coming up big in yardage on a fairly regular basis. The Broncos defense isn’t what it was last season, but they are better than the Raiders defense so they can’t be the worst.

These are two teams that should be in the post season, at least to give us a show during the playoffs or the Super Bowl. Two fantastic teams, despite their records, going at it in a shootout is what makes this a definite game to watch.

Sleeper of the Week
Falcons(6-0) vs Eagles (3-3)
The Falcons are undefeated, their offense is consistently putting up numbers, their defense is consistently creating turnovers. The Eagles could or should have no wins, their offense is consistently turning the ball over, their defense is consistently stuffing offenses. This could be a great game and will likely generate a lot of highlights, on the defensive side of the ball.

Undefeated after five weeks

October 10, 2012 1 comment

There are two undefeated teams remaining after five weeks of football. The Atlanta Falcons and the Houston Texans. One team has a great offense and a good defense, while the other team has a good offense and a great defense.

The Atlanta Falcons offense is averaging 29 points per game, while passing for an average of 281 yards which leaves the opposing team’s secondary always preparing for a pass. Despite a mediocre run attack, the Falcons manage to pass successfully. Matt Ryan is surely to thank for the passing yards, having thrown for over 1,500 yards, 13 touchdowns and only 3 intercptions. There are other stars on the offense that have contributed to this success, Julio Jones and Roddy White are two names that come to mind. Tony Gonzalez has also continued to step up big despite saying this would be his final season. Even Michael Turner has surprised people by stepping up to help his team amass an average of 94 total rushing yards a game.

The Falcons defense has done it’s share of hard work so far this year, holding opponents to an average of 18 points and 203 passing yards a game. The numbers don’t lie for the Falcons defense with 13 sacks, 9 interceptions and 5 fumble recoveries. As long as the offense and defense continue to compliment each other, this team will see the benefits deep into the postseason.

The Houston Texans offense is averaging 29 points a game much like the Falcons, however the Texans also average 143 rushing yards a game which wears down the opposing defense and opens up the number of plays available. Arian Foster is definately one person that can be thanked for the rushing success in Houston. Matt Schaub has done a particularly good job getting back into the stride of things after his injury last year, having Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels to throw the ball to can’t hurt I’m sure.

The Texans defense has been one of the defenses to beat this year, holding opponents to an average of just 14 points and 275 total yards a game. The Texans defense also a few impressive numbers of their own, with 16 sacks, 7 interceptions, 4 fumble recoveries and 2 touchdowns. To say this defense is the real deal is an understatement. If the offense can continue to run the ball well, this defense should be able to maintain it’s motor well into the postseason.

There are only two questions remaining about these teams. Will they lose this year? Who will lose first? The joy of being the best.