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My fantasy team could be in trouble!

October 25, 2012 Leave a comment

My fantasy team lost last week, again. 2-4-1 is not quite the record I had expected to have, but if you thought I was giving up you are wrong! The Sacramento Footlong need to turn it around in the GFL, or I might be watching the playoffs this year.

Picking up Ryan Fitzpatrick last week to cover for Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning on a bye week ended up being a great move. Dropping Brian Hartline was also a good move. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I want to replace the failing Steve Smith of the Panthers with Josh Gordon of the Browns, who just so happens to still be on the waiver wire. Cam Newton still looks better than Brandon Weeden, but as weird as it sounds, that could change soon.

Stevie Johnson finally had a good game, thankfully it was the same game I played Ryan Fitzpatrick. I’m going for that again this week with Peyton Manning and Eric Decker, it doesn’t work out very often. After seeing Manning throw for 300+ yards in three straight games, I think it is finally time to elect Manning the starter of my fantasy team over Matt Ryan.

I was lucky enough to have a great performance from Frank Gore, to cover for the big zero Vernon Davis gave me, but unfortunately Gore appears to be banged up. He doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal, but the media is treating it like the Trent Richardson injury. Speaking of Trent Richardson, I played him last week and now that he has admitted he isn’t playing at full capacity, despite playing at full capacity with prior injuries, this injury might be serious enough to bench him this week, and I have done exactly that.

To replace Trent Richardson I brought in Darren Sproles, not a bad replacement. Thankfully receiving points count for running backs, or Sproles wouldn’t be worth his fantasy weight in paper. I’m going with three receivers this week because my only other running back, Fred Jackson, has a bye this week. Eric Decker hopefully puts up some kind of numbers, any numbers. I made a play for Randall Cobb just to fill my starting roster with absolutely any potential.

I picked up Dustin Keller (go Jets!) as a backup for Vernon Davis. I figured after last week, Vernon Davis will make sure he is extra open this game. Also, Dustin Keller had a great full game back, which is what I will need to backup Vernon Davis. I’m keeping Lawrence Tynes the Giants kicker because he’s ranked number one in kicker fantasy points and the Giants are playing the Cowboys this week. Every Cowboys game, there are a ton of kicks from both teams.

I had picked up the Packers defense last week because the Falcons defense had a bye week. It ended up being a good pickup, not because they did well last week but because they have a good matchup against the Jaguars this week. Fortunately for me, the Falcons have a better matchup against the Eagles this week. I’ll take the better Falcons defense against the turnover-prone Eagles offense long before I even consider the Packers lack of defense going up against the Jaguars completely lack of offense, even this week when the Jaguars are missing their two biggest offensive threats.

All I can do is hope I fix the problems I’ve had the last couple of weeks, while juggling players to cover for bye weeks.

Fantasy Week 7 Matchup

October 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Last week I lost 63-74, putting my record at 2-3-1. There were a lot of busts from starters across the league, definitely one of the lowest scoring fantasy weeks we’ll see this season. This week I go up against XH whose fantasy team name is Baltimore Gentlemen. I grabbed Ryan Fitzpatrick, Scott Chandler and the Packers D/ST off waivers, dropping Matt Schaub, Jacob Tamme and the Bengals D/ST. Between having 6 players on their bye weeks and the large amount of  points the Baltimore Gentlemen score each week, I had to make some moves heading into this week.

Current Week 7 Lineups:

Sacramento Footlong (2-3-1)
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick –  Buf vs Ten
RB Frank Gore – SF vs Sea
RB Fred Jackson – Buf vs Ten
RB/WR Trent Richardson – Cle @ Ind
WR Steve Smith – Car vs Dal
WR Stevie Johnson – Buf vs Ten
TE Vernon Davis – SF vs Sea
D/ST Packers D/ST – GB @ StL
K Lawrence Tynes – NYG vs Wsh
QB Matt Ryan –
QB Peyton Manning –
RB Darren Sproles –
WR Eric Decker –
WR Brian Hartline –
TE Scott Chandler –
D/ST Falcons D/ST –

Baltimore Gentlemen (4-2)
QB Tom Brady – NE vs NYJ
RB Ray Rice – Bal @ Hou
RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Cin vs Pit
RB/WR Nate Washington – Ten @ Buf
WR Brandon Marshall – Chi vs Det
WR Vincent Jackson – TB vs NO
TE Aaron Hernandez – NE vs NYJ
D/ST Cardinals D/ST – Ari @ Min
K Greg Zuerlein – StL vs GB
QB Joe Flacco – Bal @ Hou
RB Jamaal Charles – Bye
RB Reggie Bush – Bye
RB Willis McGahee – Bye
WR Roddy White – Bye
WR Antonio Brown – Pit @ Cin
TE Kyle Rudolph – Min vs Ari

Frank Gore and Vernon Davis played Thursday night, Gore scored 20 fantasy points while Davis dropped an egg with 0 points. This should be a close matchup this week but I’ve got a shot at beating the league owner! You’re going down!

Now all I have to do is hope my players don’t follow suit with Vernon Davis. Easier said than done.

Fantasy Week 5 results and Week 6 matchup

October 10, 2012 Leave a comment

My team tied in week 5, which is great news considering I was tied 101-101 after the Sunday night game and my opponent still had Andre Johson to play. Monday morning, 102-101 points correction in my favor. Monday night, Andre Johnson scores 1 fantasy point. I never thought being 2-2-1 would look so good considering what was surely the only alternative.

A couple of quick waiver wire pickups added WR Brian Hartline and K Lawrence Tynes to the roster, with WR Steve Smith and RB Darren Sproles on a bye this week. Not to mention my kickers have been giving me low scores, and that big zero Nick Folk gave me.

It is fairly obvious I need more consistent receivers, so I am trying to make a play for Percy Harvin from another team. We’ll see how that one goes, people always want your best player for their bench players.

This week my team the Sacramento Footlong (2-2-1) is taking on the Train Wreck (3-2) which has been the team with the best record at the end of the fantasy season, and loses in the Super Bowl every year. Last year I beat them in the Super Bowl, after finishing the season with the worst record of any playoff team, it was a 10 team league so 8 teams made it into the playoffs. How’s that for a good fantasy game this week?

Current Week 6 lineups:

Sacramento Footlong
QB Matt Ryan – Atl vs Oak
RB  Frank Gore – SF vs NYG
RB Trent Richardson – Cle vs Cin
RB/WR Brian Hartline – Mia vs StL
WR Stevie Johnson – Buf @ Ari
WR Eric Decker – Den @ SD
TE Vernon Davis – SF vs NYG
D/ST Bengals D/ST – Cin @ Cle
K Lawrence Tynes – NYG @ SF
QB Peyton Manning – Den @ SD
QB Matt Schaub – Hou vs GB
RB Darren Sproles – Bye
RB Fred Jackson – Buf @ Ari
WR Steve Smith – Bye
TE Jacob Tamme – Den @ SD
D/ST Falcons D/ST – Atl vs Oak

Train Wreck
QB Aaron Rodgers – GB @ Hou
RB Arian Foster – Hou vs GB
RB Rashard Mendenhall – Pit @ Ten
RB/WR DeMarco Murray – Dal @ Bal
WR Dwayne Bowe – KC @ TB
WR Demaryius Thomas – Den @ SD
TE Rob Gronkowski – NE @ Sea
D/ST Seahawks D/ST – Sea vs NE
K Justin Tucker – Bal vs Dal
QB Ben Roethlisberger – Pit @ Ten
RB Chris Johnson – Ten vs Pit
RB Cedric Benson – GB @ Hou
WR Marques Colston – Bye
WR Torrey Smith – Bal vs Dal
WR Jordy Nelson – GB @ Hou
TE Dennis Pitta – Bal vs Dal

Train Wreck acquired Aaron Rodgers recently in a trade for Eli Manning. I don’t have anything nice to say about any of that.

Hopefully a victory is over the horizon this week.

Fantasy Matchup: Week 5

October 7, 2012 Leave a comment

This week my team the Sacramento Footlong are playing the Straight Jacket Crazies. I thought I was going to get lucky, my opponent had too many starters on bye this week and was going to be missing Calvin Johnson, instead he dropped Pierre Thomas and picked up James Jones from waivers. Oh well.

Currently my team is projected for 128 fantasy points, while my opponent thankfully is only projected for 109 fantasy points. The lineups are below.

Sacramento Footlong
QB – Matt Ryan – ATL @ WSH
RB – Frank Gore – SF vs BUF
RB – Trent Richardson – CLE @ NYG
RB/WR – Eric Decker – DEN @ NE
WR – Steve Smith – CAR vs SEA
WR – Stevie Johnson – BUF @ SF
TE – Vernon Davis – SF vs BUF
D/ST – Bengals D/ST – CIN vs MIA
K – Matt Praeter – DEN @ NE

Straight Jacket Crazies
QB – Andy Dalton – CIN vs MIA
RB – Michael Turner – ATL @ WSH
RB – Alfred Morris – WSH vs ATL
RB/WR – Andre Brown – NYG vs CLE
WR – Andre Johnson – HOU @ NYJ
WR – James Jones – GB @ IND
TE – Tony Gonzalez – ATL @ WSH
D/ST – 49ers D/ST – SF vs BUF
K – David Akers – SF vs BUF

I am hoping for some shanahanigans on Sunday since my opponent has Alfred Morris in. As for my own players, I am just hoping Steve Smith and Stevie Johnson wake up. Otherwise I’ll be looking for new receivers. I dropped Mikel Leshoure and grabbed Matt Schaub again, I just couldn’t let him sit on the waivers knowing some team wants him.

My bench for this week includes Peyton Manning, Matt Schaub, Fred Jackson, Darren Sproles, Donnie Avery, Jacob Tamme and the Falcons D/ST. Think I’m making the rights moves this week? I think so. We’ll see by the end of today!

Fantasy loss and roster

October 3, 2012 Leave a comment

This week I was up 3 points heading into the Monday night game. My opponent’s last player was the Bears D/ST. I lost.

The problem with my lineup is, all of my players are the #1 on their team in their respective position, makes it hard to replace them. But what do I do after Steve Smith only gives me a couple of points last week, despite having a potential beast of a QB in Cam Newton? I can’t make Newton throw the ball or stop being the only Panther still on the field while he is celebrating his rushing touchdowns. I wonder sometimes if he realizes nobody celebrates with him.

Stevie Johnson of the Bills is another promising #1 receiver, but Ryan Fitzpatrick is odd and goes back and forth in games from playing poorly to throwing the ball to every backup on the roster and racking up fantasy points for himself. That doesn’t help Stevie Johnson.

Nick Folk, the Jets kicker. I picked him up for two reasons, it was my last pick and I couldn’t remember a kicker that wasn’t already drafted, and I figured it was the Jets they would get to the red zone often enough and since they don’t score a lot of touchdowns that meant they would be forced into close field goals. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Frank Gore is projected for 23 points in week 5, so that is promising. Trent Richardson rushed for 15 fantasy points on Thursday Night Football, also promising. I am not sure about Darren Sproles, why though I have no clue, he has given me over 10 fantasy points every game and is a much more consistent flex than Eric Decker which is my flex starter right now.

My QB situation is fine in my opinion despite dropping my 3rd QB of Matt Schaub before his big performance this week. I have Matt Ryan in my lineup and Peyton Manning on the bench. Both continue to have good matchups. My problem now is figuring out which is going to out score the other, and I must admit, that is a good problem to have, that is the kind of problem you want to have.

I have the Bengals D/ST and the Falcons D/ST so as long as I alternate correctly based off matchups, I should be ok there.

I picked up a couple risks and bench breakouts, so far I see no reason to start any of them.

As it is now, I am keeping my lineup the same… Mostly because I have to.

I need to start scoring over 100 fantasy points a game or I’m going to see those losses pile up. Currently my fantasy team Sacramento Footlong is 2-2 in the GFL, the fantasy league I’m in.

Football enthusiasts and gurus alike, share some of your wealth in knowledge! If it turns out to be bad advice, however, you will be blamed as expected.

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Fantasy team

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m in the same fantasy league as last year, but this time around it’s an 8-team league. I have the same team name and logo as last year, but we’ve got some pretty funny team names this year. Currently I’m 2-1 and thankfully my division is closer to the way the NFC West used to be so I’m barely sitting in first. The guy below me is 1-1-1. Who ties?

Anyways, Sacramento Footlong is off to a decent start I think. Let me run down my roster real fast so we can start discussing this thing.

My starting roster:
QB Matt Ryan
RB Frank Gore
RB Trent Richardson
RB/WR Eric Decker
WR Steve Smith
WR Steve Johnson
TE Vernon Davis
K Nick Folk
D/ST Bengals

My bench warmers:
Fred Jackson
Peyton Manning
Darren Sproles
Jacob Tamme
Donnie Avery
Mikel Leshoure
Falcons D/ST

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. Bengals D/ST over Falcons D/ST? Eric Decker over Darren Sproles? Nick Folk? First, I had to get a Jets player and in my defense I figured they would be kicking a lot of field goals. I have the Bengals D/ST in because they are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, it makes more sense right now than to play the Falcons D/ST against a potentially explosive Cam Newton should he decide to throw the ball instead.

I have the Bengals D/ST at all because last year they were really good, not so great this year but I don’t think even if they continue scoring points that the Jaguars are going to be scoring enough to give me negative points. I’ve got Eric Decker because I’m hoping this is the week he and Peyton Manning finally connect big time on the field. Manning has been getting better and Decker seems to be his big target.

I picked up Donnie Avery, Mikel Leshoure and the Falcons D/ST off wavers or free agency, dropping Matt Schaub before his big game. I dropped Sidney Rice and Beanie Wells to make room. I sat through Fred Jackson’s injury, having him in during week 1 didn’t help either, but he is worth it or so they say.

Nobody thought Vernon Davis was going to do well enough to bid anything significant for him during the draft. I got away with most of my picks in the second half if not 4th quarter worth of the draft. We did an auction draft in person, which worked out very well. Preseason game on TV, lots of food, great times.

A team wanted to trade me Michael Vick and Percy Harvin for Matt Ryan, then he wanted to also trade me Michael Vick and Wes Welker for Peyton Manning and the Falcons D/ST. At least he’s trying, have to give him credit for that. The last team that offered a trade, as it turns out after I said no, was playing me that week!

I of course think that my fantasy team is good, not solid but good. After a 15 point night from Trent Richardson during the TNF game, I’m feeling pretty confident about this weekend. Let’s hope I’m right about who I’m starting.

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Enjoy fantasy football

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

A game within a game is boring, but a game within a game for those stuck watching others play a game, now that is fun. Fantasy Football has become a staple of the NFL. We watch all throughout the offseason, intently following player news. Trades, injuries, if it affects anything then you can be sure we know about it. Yet interestingly enough, you don’t have to be a fan of the NFL to enjoy Fantasy Football, in fact it is quite the opposite. Fantasy Football is fun because it brings people together and allows them to enjoy playing a game with each other while giving everyone a reason to let loose their reasons for not investing their enthusiam, and everyone experiences the greatest show on turf.

Fantasy Football is the bridge for regular people with no interest in football to enjoy themselves with others while they become enthusiastically emersed in all that the NFL has to offer, and the best part is it gets people to stop being too lazy to give the NFL a shot and makes them want to become more and more involved on their own. It is like saying no thanks to chocolate all your life, then one day a friend convinces you to try some, and your reaction is why didn’t I try this sooner! NFL is the chocolate of sports, it is the chocolate of entertainment. Chocolate sounds so much better than diamonds. We should change all rating systems to the chocolate system.

The amount of time put into fantasy football is not much at all, especially after the draft in the beginning. The best part is it is the fantasy football league itself that will get a person to follow the nfl, whether its here and there or all the time. Articles, videos, games, no matter how much time you have to spend or what your ability to access media is. The NFL is everywhere, all the time, you just have to look.

However you see fantasy football, if you haven’t tried it then trust me it is worth such a minimal investment of your time and if you’ve stopped playing it you need to go back, find real people and do your draft online or in person, just find a way to play fantasy football because you will be thankful you did.

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