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Week 10 Picks: Xavier Huntington

Wayne Dobbs: I dont’t know how, so don’t ask, but I disappeared from the face of the internet for a week and a half or so. Sorry to Huntington for not posting his Week 10 picks! There was no intro, and he did pretty good.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 10 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Colts vs. Jaguars – Colts, The Jaguars just don’t have much of a team. No passing defense to speak of. I think the Colts win handily.

Sunday Football
Titans vs. Dolphins – Dolphins, Coming off a tough loss I think the Dolphins have something to prove, and I think they kind of prove it against a struggling Titans team.

Lions vs. Vikings – Lions, They seem to be finally getting their feet under them. The Vikings have dropped two in a row, I expect this slide to continue for them.

Bills vs. Patriots – Patriots, After the Pats scored 50+ points in their last meeting the Bills will return with a vengeance, only to have another boatload of points dumped on them.

Falcons vs. Saints – I’ll take the Saints at home in this one. This Falcons team is bound to lose eventually, it makes sense that it would be to division rival Saints.

Chargers vs. Buccaneers – Bucs, The Chargers just don’t impress me, plain and simple. The Bucs may not have much of a record but they have shown they can put points on the board, or at least Doug Martin has shown this

Broncos vs. Panthers – Broncos, I expect Manning to tear apart the Panthers passing D. Newton will be electric, as usual, but that wont be enough to win.

Raiders vs. Ravens – Ravens, they should win easily, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

Giants vs. Bengals – Giants, Much like last week when I pick against the Giants they win, when I pick for the Bengals they seem to lose. Switching it up, hoping for the best. I like the combo of Dalton and Green still, but I think the Giants D and their offensive capabilities will prove superior.

Jets vs. Seahawks – Jets, somehow? I don’t have any sort of opinion to back this up, just a feeling I have.

Cowboys vs. Eagles – Toss up. I really cant decide here. I think both teams lose their head coaches at some point this season.

Rams vs. 49ers – 49ers, Coming off their bye, playing at home, against the lowest ranked team in the NFC West. Should be another good defensive NFC West matchup. However the 49ers have both the superior offense and the superior defense.

Sunday Night Football
Texans vs. Bears – Bears, The matchup of the night for sure. Two really solid teams both offensively and defensively. The deciding factor for me is that I just like the Bears better and so am rooting for them. Also I don’t have any fantasy players from the Texans, so that helps too.

Monday Night Football
Chiefs vs. Steelers – Steelers, handily. I think, or rather hope Charles gets a good amount of rushing yards, but I think the Steelers end up running away with this one.

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