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Week 9 Picks: Wayne Dobbs

Looks like I managed to have a positive week last week. My record so far is 41-30, considering we started the picks this year in Week 4. I’m hoping for a strong performance this week from the home teams, not because they are at home, it just worked out that way.

The one thing you can count on in this league is an upset, and fans becoming upset. Apparently coaches as well. Let’s hope we see more coaches becoming upset on the sideline in the near future, I mean who doesn’t like childlike behavior with their football? Oh, right.

A little late with the picks, I know. So I brought proof from NFL.com of my victory with the Thursday night pick, I finally won a Thursday Night Football game again!

Wayne Dobbs’ Week 9 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Chiefs (1-6) vs Chargers (3-4): Chargers
TNF Week 9 Pick NFL.com

Sunday Football
Cardinals (4-4) vs Packers (5-3): Packers – The Cardinals aren’t a bad football team, but their defense isn’t good enough to both stop the Packers offense while also scoring points for their own offense. The Packers may win a close game, but this game should be decided by a score difference of 10 or more. Packers on top at home.

Ravens (5-2) vs Browns (2-6): Ravens – The Ravens have looked bad in recent weeks, but the Browns are not a better team. Despite being at home, despite having media praise as a sleeper team, despite having somewhat of a notable defense, despite having somewhat of an equally notable offense, the Browns are not a good team and won’t win this game. The Ravens will take this one, regardless of how close this game could be from pure lack of offensive success.

Dolphins (4-3) vs Colts (4-3): Colts – I’m not sure about this game. I don’t like either team to win. The Dolphins have been explosive at times on both sides of the ball, while the Colts have been mostly consistent on both sides of the ball. I’m going Colts in this one, I think Andrew Luck will find a way to win if they are behind in the 4th.

Lions (3-4) vs Jaguars (1-6): Jaguars – After last week’s performance by the Lions, a lot of people could easily write-off the 1-6 Jaguars at home. I am not one of those people, the Lions are not a great team this year and neither are the Jaguars, but the Jaguars are due a win after appearing to have come together. I’m taking the Jaguars in this one.

Broncos (4-3) vs Bengals (3-4): Broncos – The Bengals are a decent team. Good defense, good offense, just not quite pulling out those wins. The Broncos on the other hand have a little bit better of a defense, a little bit better of an offense. The Broncos have also won one more game this year than the Bengals. Despite being on the road and having similar team comparisons, the Broncos should be able to win this game.

Bears (6-1) vs Titans (3-5): Titans – This one is a gamble, but I’m willing to take it. The Titans have a high-powered offense as of late, and the Bears hit a roadblock recently. Whether or not the Bears game was a fluke will determine this game. I’ll take the Titans offense at home, despite the Bears having what could be a true defense.

Panthers (1-6) vs Redskins (3-5): Panthers – I think the Panthers will continue to climb out of the hole their in after nearly beating the Bears last week, while the Redskins could continue to lose games from sporadically good and bad play. If Cam Newton can find a deep threat in this game, they might score enough points to win.

Bills (3-4) vs Texans (6-1): Texans – It is true that the Bills score a lot of points, it is also true they have a defense around the lower-end of mediocre. After the Texans lost Brian Cushing and followed that the next week with their first loss, and it was a huge loss, their seasoned looked over. Not anymore. The Texans are proving to be a great team this year, and should be able to win this game at home against an offense and runs and guns their way to success.

Vikings (5-3) vs Seahawks (4-4): Seahawks – This is one of those games you wish you could pick both teams. Strong defenses, great running games, mediocre quarterbacks, this game is going to be close. Seahawks should be able to pull it off with what appears to be the better offense and defense, though slightly if at all.

Buccaneers (3-4) vs Raiders (3-4): Buccaneers – The Raiders defense isn’t very good at home, well they aren’t very good anywhere but at home this season they haven’t generated turnovers. Turnovers typically give the Raiders a chance to win, unfortunately it is also typically their only chance to win. The Buccaneers have been lighting up the scoreboard throwing the ball deep, they should win this game.

Steelers (4-3) vs Giants (6-2): Giants – This is one of those games where no matter what one team does, the other team can come back at any moment and win the game. I think the Giants will come out on top. Hopefully we see a shootout on Sunday between these two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks.

Sunday Night Football
Cowboys (3-4) vs Falcons (7-0): Falcons – I’m picking the Falcons for a number of reasons. The Falcons are one of the best offenses in the league this season while the Cowboys offense falls apart regularly throughout games this season. The Falcons have won by being ahead the whole game, and by coming from behind this season. The Falcons are undefeated and are at home. Sorry Cowboys, but you just aren’t very good this year and the Falcons remain the only undefeated team for a reason.

Monday Night Football
Eagles (3-4) vs Saints (2-5): Saints – The Saints are going to win this game the same way they play every game, by scoring a lot of points no matter what. The Saints defense is pretty bad, lucky for them they aren’t nearly as bad as the Eagles offense. The Eagles and their, interesting, defense won’t have what it takes to stop Drew Brees and company Monday night. We’ll all be watching Andy Reid for any hint of expression. Saints will win this one.

Here’s to hoping we have some great games this week! Comebacks and upsets!

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