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Week 9 Picks: Xavier Huntington

Xavier Huntington:

After possibly being the only person in the known universe to pick the Browns to win last week why would you go anyplace else to find out ahead of time who’s going to win?

Xavier Huntington’s Week 9 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Chiefs vs. Chargers – Chiefs, Neither of these teams is really any good this year. No real reason for pickings the Chiefs, in fact since they are on the road the safer bet is probably the Chargers, I just have a feeling the Chiefs win this one.

Sunday Football
Dolphins vs. Colts – Dolphins, This Dolphins team is quietly good. I think they continue their winning ways against the Colts with Andrew Luck still trying to find his place in the NFL.

Bills vs. Texans – Texans, I want to say Bills for some reason but keep second guessing myself. The Texans are one of the best teams in football while the Bills are… not. Could the Bills win? Sure, but they shouldn’t.

Cardinals vs. Packers – Packers, The Cards continue their losing streak. This is a game of strength against strength. The Cardinals suffocating defense against the Packers high scoring offensive assault, and the Packers lackluster defense against a Cardinals offense that just cant get anything going. I expect the Packers to come out on top.

Panthers vs. Redskins – Redskins, but really who cares, RG3 (this years golden boy) vs. Cam Newton (the golden boy of yesteryear). Regardless of who wins it should be one of the most entertaining games of the season. In the end I give the advantage to the Redskins.

Bears vs. Titans – Bears, They are currently one of the best teams in the NFL with a solid defense and an offense that is still trying to find itself but definitely capable of streaks of brilliance. I expect one of those streaks against a weak Titans team.

Ravens vs. Browns – Ravens, The Browns will keep it close, but the Ravens are superior in every aspect of the game.

Broncos vs. Bengals – Broncos, Both these teams defenses have fallen since last year, this should be an entertaining offensive game. Peyton Manning has looked pretty good since coming back from neck surgery, with the exception of some wobbly passes. I like the chemistry between the Red Rifle and AJ Green.

Lions vs. Jaguars – Lions, They seem to be finally finding themselves on offense (perhaps a little late), and I expect that to continue against the Jaguars, who may or may not have MJD.

Vikings vs. Seahawks – Seahawks, I think? I don’t really know about this one. It should be close.

Buccaneers vs. Raiders – Buccaneers, just because the Raiders are bad.

Steelers vs. Giants – Giants, Im not sure why but I always seem to want the Giants to lose lately. I’ve been picking against them for like 5 weeks solid now so Im switching it up and not sure what sort of results im really hoping for. If they win, I picked right, but if they lose they finally freaking lost. It’s win win.

Sunday Night Football
Cowboys vs. Falcons – Falcons, The Cowoys are just too inconsistent. You never know which team is going to show up. I expect them to be brilliant for a portion of the game and utterly terrible for the rest of it. The Falcons haven’t been the picture of consistency either, but when it comes down to it they’ve been able to muster whatever it is they need to win the close games.

Monday Night Football
Eagles vs. Saints – Saints, While they probably wont make the playoffs this year they should beat an Eagles team in freefall.

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