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My fantasy team could be in trouble!

My fantasy team lost last week, again. 2-4-1 is not quite the record I had expected to have, but if you thought I was giving up you are wrong! The Sacramento Footlong need to turn it around in the GFL, or I might be watching the playoffs this year.

Picking up Ryan Fitzpatrick last week to cover for Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning on a bye week ended up being a great move. Dropping Brian Hartline was also a good move. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I want to replace the failing Steve Smith of the Panthers with Josh Gordon of the Browns, who just so happens to still be on the waiver wire. Cam Newton still looks better than Brandon Weeden, but as weird as it sounds, that could change soon.

Stevie Johnson finally had a good game, thankfully it was the same game I played Ryan Fitzpatrick. I’m going for that again this week with Peyton Manning and Eric Decker, it doesn’t work out very often. After seeing Manning throw for 300+ yards in three straight games, I think it is finally time to elect Manning the starter of my fantasy team over Matt Ryan.

I was lucky enough to have a great performance from Frank Gore, to cover for the big zero Vernon Davis gave me, but unfortunately Gore appears to be banged up. He doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal, but the media is treating it like the Trent Richardson injury. Speaking of Trent Richardson, I played him last week and now that he has admitted he isn’t playing at full capacity, despite playing at full capacity with prior injuries, this injury might be serious enough to bench him this week, and I have done exactly that.

To replace Trent Richardson I brought in Darren Sproles, not a bad replacement. Thankfully receiving points count for running backs, or Sproles wouldn’t be worth his fantasy weight in paper. I’m going with three receivers this week because my only other running back, Fred Jackson, has a bye this week. Eric Decker hopefully puts up some kind of numbers, any numbers. I made a play for Randall Cobb just to fill my starting roster with absolutely any potential.

I picked up Dustin Keller (go Jets!) as a backup for Vernon Davis. I figured after last week, Vernon Davis will make sure he is extra open this game. Also, Dustin Keller had a great full game back, which is what I will need to backup Vernon Davis. I’m keeping Lawrence Tynes the Giants kicker because he’s ranked number one in kicker fantasy points and the Giants are playing the Cowboys this week. Every Cowboys game, there are a ton of kicks from both teams.

I had picked up the Packers defense last week because the Falcons defense had a bye week. It ended up being a good pickup, not because they did well last week but because they have a good matchup against the Jaguars this week. Fortunately for me, the Falcons have a better matchup against the Eagles this week. I’ll take the better Falcons defense against the turnover-prone Eagles offense long before I even consider the Packers lack of defense going up against the Jaguars completely lack of offense, even this week when the Jaguars are missing their two biggest offensive threats.

All I can do is hope I fix the problems I’ve had the last couple of weeks, while juggling players to cover for bye weeks.

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