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Week 8 Picks: Xavier Huntington

Xavier didn’t write an intro. He is whooping me in the picks count so far as well. I asked him about all of the upsets he picked this week, his answer was that they are at home and he doesn’t expect all of them to be right, so, here’s his picks:

Xavier Huntington’s Week 8 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Buccaneers vs. Vikings – Vikings, I think this one will be close. The Vikings have been a surprising team atop the NFC North this year, and I think they continue their winning ways. The Bucs have kept each game close in their losses, but I think their trend of losing a late game lead continues this week.

Sunday Football
Colts vs. Titans – Colts, I think Chris Johnson regresses to having very few rushing yards for about the 80th time this year. Luck has a solid game against what the Titans have been calling a defense since the departure of Jeff Fisher.

Patriots vs. Rams – Rams, This Pats team has a lot of question marks, and from a fantasy perspective a lot of mouths to feed on offense. Their continued ability to win masks the problems they are having defensively. The Patriots have already lost to 2 NFC west teams previously. I think the Rams pull off the “upset” by getting in Brady’s face and taking him off his game.

Dolphins vs. Jets – Dolphins, The Dolphins are a team performing well under the radar. With no super star names they have been consistently winning somehow. Despite Sanchez performing well against the Patriots he will go back to his old Sanchez ways and fail to throw a touch down or eclipse 200 yards passing.

Falcons vs. Eagles – Eagles, The Falcons have won their last 3 games by very small margins. This Eagles team, if it can clean up the turnovers on offense is pretty good. Perhaps the firing of the defensive coordinator will reengergize their stagnant offense?

Redskins vs. Steelers – Steelers, A gut call more than anything. I don’t feel as though the Redskins can maintain a winning streak, while the Steelers, while aging now, have proven year after year that they can.

Panthers vs. Bears – Bears, The Bears have been a dominant team this year, riding superior special teams, an always tough defense, and an improved offense to 5 victories. They will continue their winning ways even against the electric Cam Newton, who is in a significant sophomore slump, and has yet to convince me that his rookie year wasn’t a fluke.

Chargers vs. Browns – Browns, The Chargers have not been playing well to this point, and even when they are playing well they are supremely boring to watch. Sorry Chargers fans. I think the Browns pull off the upset here.

Seahawks vs. Lions – Lions, Just a gut feeling really. All their wins, and even their losses have involved late 4th quarter comebacks. I think the offense gets in synch earlier in the game and runs away with it. Even with the Seahawks suffocating defense.

Jaguars vs. Packers – Packers, Should be an easy win. I expect the Packers to run away with it and move to their ground game (?) late in the 3rd.

Raiders vs. Chiefs – Chiefs, I have a really hard time calling Raiders games, even when they are “improving” they never seem to. Against a nearly winless Chiefs team I really have no vested interest in this game (exception being Jamaal Charles). The Raiders won last week and I don’t think the possess the ability to win 2 in a row. Plus they are at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs have a significant homefield advantage. May not so much over a good team, but against the Raiders I’ll take the Chiefs at home. This likely works the other way around too.

Giants vs. Cowboys – Cowboys, I think the Cowboys are seeking vengeance for their week 1 loss to the Giants. I have a hard time believing in either of these teams for the long run. They both fluctuate too much between great and dismal.

Sunday Night Football
Saints vs. Broncos – Saints, Can anyone stop Drew Brees? The Saints are on a 2 game winning streak (finally) and I don’t think the Broncos stop them, even after their bye. Peyton has been getting most of his numbers in garbage time, making games look closer than they really are. They lose this game, but still end up winning the division.

Monday Night Football
49ers vs. Cardinals – 49ers, The 49ers have more than a week to prepare for this game and I think Harbaugh has them ready for it. After a hot 4-0 start the Cardinals have followed that up with 3 straight losses. Divisional games are always close and both these teams play stifling defense. However the 49ers have an offensive identity that actually exists (except on 3rd downs) where as the Cardinals really don’t. The Cardinals will go as far as their offense will take them this year. See: Not far.

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