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Pink penalty flags?

The NFL referees during the Dolphins-Jets game on Sunday will be throwing pink penalty flags. October is breast cancer awareness month and the NFL typically shows support throughout the month with pink cleats, pink gloves, pink towels, pink cups, pink hats, pink logos, you name it and they have done it. If not, they’ll probably end up doing it one of these days.

You might be one of many people thinking pink penalty flags are over the top. You also might be wondering who suggested the referees throw pink penalty flags? An 11-year-old suggested it in a letter to Roger Goodell, for breast cancer awareness month.

Tradition goes deep. Past-times are cherished. For a group of role models, from the players to the coaches and owners and staff and the groups they form that make the national football league, to remember that children are most important overall, that can make anyone smile. Including kids is one thing, involving them is a whole other ballgame. That kind of attitude is that makes tradition, and also what makes the NFL so great.

When you reach out to the people that give you their time, their energy, their attention, you build a connection between the community and the game, and that connection is bonded with that connection being between people who care. Whether they care about the game, themselves, or others, once that connection is made they will feel you and everything you feel. Tough bonds to break.

With the Visa contest for a kid to interview Ray Lewis, and now this suggestion from a fifth-grader to further support breast cancer awareness month in a new kind of way, the NFL is definitely heading in the right direction. Good job NFL, sincerity is noticed and so is effort.

  1. October 24, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Totally agree with you. Well done NFL, the more you listen to the fans and the more interaction you have with the fans the better your game will be and the better fan loyalty. Checkout nflfemale.com

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