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Week 7 Picks: Xavier Huntington

By Xavier Huntington

Here are my picks for NFL week 7. I didn’t submit any picks last week because I was busy getting hitched. Im back in the swing of things and plan to pick to perfection from here on out.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 7 Picks:

Thursday Night Football

49ers vs Seahawks, 49ers: The 49ers coming off a terrible homefield loss to the Giants will have something to prove. The Seahawks have been playing well and are challenging for the division. A low scoring, defensive affair. I give the 9ers the edge at home.


Browns vs Colts, Colts: Luck continues to play well against a sad Browns team.

Packers vs Rams, Packers: Chance Aaron Rodgers could be more or less shut down again against a tough Rams defense in St. Louis. The Rams however don’t have enough offensive capability to keep up even with a less than stellar performance from GB.

Cardinals vs Vikings, Vikings: This team is very under the radar. A good defense and an offense that is coming into it’s own with Ponder at the helm. The cardinals defense, while still good has started to fall off a bit. The majority of their wins have been by less than a touchdown, that kind of luck wont continue, especially with their dreadful offense.

Redskins vs. Giants, Redskins: Close divisional game, I think the Skins w/ RG3 pull a fast one here.

Titans vs. Bills, Bills: The Titans have not played well this year, I expect that trend to continue against the potentially dangerous offense of the Bills

Saints vs. Bucs, Saints: Coming off their bye I think the Saints are well prepared for this Bucs team

Cowboys vs. Panthers, Cowboys: The up and down Cowboys should pull out the narrow win over Cam and the Panthers, this is not based on any logic.

Ravens vs. Texans, Texans: After their blowout loss to the Packers the Texans are at home w/something to prove against the 5-1 Ravens missing the majority of their defensive nucleus.

Jaguars vs. Raiders, Who cares: Im sure someone does, but it aint me. Both these teams suck. I guess I’ll go with the Jags because they have MJD and Palmer likes to throw interceptions.

Jets vs. Patriots, Patriots: At home in Boston they are hard to beat. I expect the Jets to play well against their rival and Rex Ryan’s nemesis, or if not play well then at least keep the game competitive

Steelers vs. Bengals, Bengals: I still like this Bengals team, especially the combo of Dalton and Green, the Steelers are not the same team, especially defensively, that they have been for the past decade.

Monday Night Football

Lions vs. Bears, Bears: The Bears are as complete a team, offensively and defensively, as they’ve ever been. The Lions seem to have regressed from last year. Give me the Bears at home in this one, thanks.

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