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Week 7 Games to Watch

Every week there are some matchups that we should all watch, and some we wished we had watched. The Seahawks vs 49ers game this week was one of them, but that game is being played right now. A little late. There are still other potentially great matchups!

Week 7 Games to Watch!

Ravens (5-1) vs Texans (5-1)
This game could have a combined score under 30 points and also at the same time it could have a combined score over 60. These are two of the top defenses in the league without question, but both sides have suffered key losses. The Texans lost Brian Cushing for the year, which showed during their first loss of the year last week. The Ravens lost Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb last week, with Terrell Suggs still out this game. The defensive struggle we expect to see, may or may not happen.

The reason this is a game to watch this week isn’t just because of the team records or the solid defenses, these are two of the best, if not the top two, running backs in the league competing against depleted defenses. Matt Schaub has shown he can play well, and with Arian Foster the Texans stand to earn some yardage and put some points on the board. The Ravens have Joe Flacco who normally wouldn’t be a threat but he has been throwing the ball deep fairly well, not to mention Ray Rice who gains yards on any defense, especially this Texans defense.

Two 5-1 teams going head-to-head is always a game to watch.

Redskins (3-3) vs Giants (4-2)
The Redskins have woken up this season, again, and are likely to rise to the challenge of great teams. The Giants shut down the 49ers and have been scoring on everyone this year. Combine that with two defenses that can put up a fight and we’ve got ourselves a game. Both quarterbacks appear to find ways to dismantle defenses as the game goes along, overcoming the challenges before them. That is a sign of greatness, and there are two of them in one game.

The Giants have a traditional run game with running backs, while the Redskins have Robert Griffin III. Rushing for over 100 yards last week after suffering a concussion in Week 5 and putting up consistently big numbers, Robert Griffin III has given the Redskins new life and a fighting chance. The Giants have Eli Manning at the helm, with a solid list of offensive weapons. If these two quarterbacks get into a shootout, this could end up being the best game of the week.

Dueling quarterbacks with a green light to air it out make this a game to watch.

Titans (2-4) vs Bills (3-3)
This is an interesting matchup. The Titans have scored against poor defenses, while the Bills score on every defense. The Titans don’t have any consistent players, while the Bills consistently turn the ball over. The Bills have a great running game, while the Titans manage to get it done, very well, without a running game. Sounds like this could be a good game.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been throwing interceptions left and right, while managing to throw enough touchdowns to keep the Bills in most every game this season. Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller make up a strong backfield for the Bills. The Titans had a backfield last year with CJ2k Chris Johnson, they have no backfield this year. Somehow though, the Titans continue to get it done with good numbers and enough points to make every opponent take them seriously.

One team’s plan is throwing more touchdowns than interceptions and the other somehow getting it done on the scoreboard though nobody knows how are what make this a game to watch.

Sleeper of the Week
Cowboys (2-4) vs Panthers (1-4)
The Cowboys always have the potential to score 30 points, lucky for us so do the Panthers. This could be the week both teams find their groove. Let’s hope so.

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