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Week 6 Picks: Wayne Dobbs

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Went 8-5 with my picks last week, not bad, but that tied this week with this other guy who thinks he’s just so great, which that leaves me 16-12 overall behind 18-10 for that other guy. I’ll catch up. There are a lot of easy picks this week, which means a couple of them are trap games. Fun part is figuring out which.

Wayne Dobbs’ Week 6 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Steelers 2-2 vs. Titans 1-4: Steelers – The Steelers should win this game, probably a lower scoring game, but the Titans scored 44 points when they beat the Lions so this may not be such an easy game.

Sunday Football
Bengals 3-2 vs. Browns 0-5: Bengals – The Browns really will win a game this season. This could be one of their better chances, but the Bengals have been playing good football and their offense has started kicking into extra gears.

Colts 2-2 vs. Jets 2-3: Colts – The Jets could very well win this game, unfortunately despite the Colts’ win over the Packers last week this game is up for grabs. Colts should still be able to edge it out for the win at a minimum and if Andrew Luck continues his growth with this game we may even see a blowout.

Rams 3-2 vs. Dolphins 2-3: Dolphins – The Rams have been surprisingly good on the defensive side of the ball, fortunately for the Dolphins however the Rams have not been so great at scoring touchdowns. That is not a problem the Dolphins have, oddly enough. This game should go to the Dolphins, unless Jeff Fisher figures out yet another offense. Funny thing, the Rams keep figuring out the opposing defense which is impressive but their offensive unit just can’t seem to get the job done.

Raiders 1-3 vs. Falcons 5-0: Falcons – The Falcons will remain undefeated. The Raiders could put up big numbers again, considering they are coming out of a bye week. Trap game? New term please?

Chiefs 1-4 vs. Buccaneers 1-3: Buccaneers – The Chiefs might not have an offense without a quarterback. No passing means no running, unless Jamaal Charles can pull off some amazing moves. I’m going with the Bucs on this one, but I don’t know if they will score enough points to keep assured during the game.

Lions 1-3 vs. Eagles 3-2: Eagles – The Lions could turn things around after a week off, but I don’t think Michael Vick or any of his fumbling interception nicknames are ready to give up another game that is only close because of his turnovers. The Eagles will avoid 3-3.

Cowboys 2-2 vs. Ravens 4-1: Ravens – The Cowboys are getting no love this week. Unfortunately, they play the Ravens in Baltimore. Ravens in this one, no matter what the score is.

Bills 2-3 vs. Cardinals 4-1: Cardinals – The Bills have the most combined points for and against of any 2-3 team, so look for Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals to score a ton of points in this win. I wonder if Larry Fitzgerald will be involved in the offense this week?

Patriots 3-2 vs. Seahawks 3-2: Patriots – The Seahawks showed promise earlier in the year, even though it is only week 5 they have fallen down the ladder. The Patriots should be able to handle this one after coming together to solve their own problems on the offensive side of the ball.

Vikings 4-1 vs. Redskins 2-3: Vikings – The Vikings are looking better and better each week. The Redskins are looking worse and worse each week. What is happening here? I’m not so sure about this one, but the Vikings will win it.

Giants 3-2 vs. 49ers 4-1: 49ers – Oh boy. This is going to be a good game. Who knows who will win between these two teams? They have quite the history, rough and tough games. Alex Smith and the 49ers have really stepped up, their defense should be the key considering the 49ers offense now rivals the Giants offense powered by Eli Manning and his talented wide receivers. Look for stuffed run games and interceptions to be the key in this one. 49ers on top.

Sunday Night Football
Packers 2-3 vs. Texans 5-0: Texans – Sunday Night Football is great isn’t it? We get a recovering Packers team playing against one of the best teams in the league, the undefeated Texans. If Aaron Rodgers and his wide receivers find their rhythm tonight, the Texans will need to step up even more than just filling the shoes of Brian Cushing on the defensive side of the ball. Texans will make it out of this one.

Monday Night Football
Broncos 2-3 vs. Chargers 3-2: Broncos – Alright, the Chargers are 3-2. They should win this game against a 2-3 team that hasn’t looked so great in their 3 losses. Peyton Manning says otherwise. This should be a good game for Peyton and everyone in a Broncos jersey that can catch a ball. Broncos win this one by two scores.

I wonder how many upsets there will be this week? I say three.

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