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We should call dirty plays like we see them

The New York Jets played the Houston Texans Monday night. Everyone saw what Matt Slauson of the Jets did to the Texans’ Brian Cushing. Whether you argue it was an illegal move or a legal move, or if it was a dirty play or a clean play, or if your gripe is just about calling it a chop block, that is all fine. It was extra, it was targeted and intended, and then it was excused.

Extra based on how far it was from the play, as you can see from the first half of this video:

Targeted and intended, as you can partly see from the end of the video above.

And finally excused, as you can read here:

Jets coach Rex Ryan: Nothing dirty about block that ended Brian Cushing’s season.

I would leave you with a parting video from NFL.com but they don’t appear to have the full clip, just the tail end from the two camera angles. Sorry, you don’t get to see Slauson coming and just how not aware Brian Cushing was, as well as how obvious both are. Oh well, Slauson chopping Brian Cushing and Rex Ryan suggesting that it was for how the Texans had been playing and that somehow it excuses this, is Week 5’s What Was That?

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