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Tony Romo’s five interceptions could’ve been six

Tony Romo threw fives interceptions against the Bears Monday night, it might have been six but he was benched during the final minutes of the game to give Kyle Orton a chance. Orton scored a touchdown in those final minutes that included a two-point conversion, while Romo was saved a career high six interceptions in one game. He will just have to settle for tying his career worst.

Other people can only be blamed so much by Romo, like his line, his backs, his receivers, his coaches. Eventually the buck stops with the man throwing the ball that is being intercepted, especially after that man throws five of those balls. To say some of the interceptions might not have happened isn’t giving enough credit to the dropped balls that might have been intercepted.

The Bears defense played a great game, scoring two touchdowns on interceptions that ran the ball back for a combined of 99 yards. Something should be said about the Bears defense, keeping the Cowboys with a low score all game while holding off the air attack from the Cowboys that becomes expected when one team is losing by multiple scores in the second half. Still, a great defense shouldnt keep the score so far apart. At least, great quarterbacks will find ways to gouge the defense through the air when the run game is abandoned.

It was almost funny the Cowboys brought in Kyle Orton. The reasons are too many, from keeping Romo below six interceptions or giving Kyle Orton a chance over Romo to benching Romo for throwing five interceptioms or even legitimately trying to win the game. Either way, seeing Kyle Orton score a touchdown with a two-point conversion was perfect. Nevermind the defense, nevermind the time left, the fact Kyle Orton walked onto the field and not only did what real quarterbacks do when it’s time to score points, but got an extra point on top of the extra point. Do you like apples? Well how do you like these apples? Well played Kyle Orton.

Tomy Romo is far from done, or at the very least it would be somewhat of a shock if he retired, however his play needs to pick up if he is going to give his team a chance to win a Super Bowl. The quarterback position is the only individual position that if replaced with an amateur would disable the team’s entire ability to win games, hence why fives interceptions is both ridiculous and unacceptable. Be glad it wasn’t six, we say guys will throw six after they’ve thrown three or four, but Romo you were going to throw six. Count those lucky stars, starting with the ones on hats adorned with headsets used to pull you out.

Tony Romo’s five interceptions was Week 4’s What Was That?

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