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The Jets disaster on Sunday

The New York Jets lost 0-34 on Sunday to the 49ers. After losing to the Vikings I think most everyone expected the 49ers to come out strong in this game, but after the opening-day game the Jets had to start the season I don’t think anyone expected this. It wasn’t a beating, it was a shellacking.

The Jets offense has never been known for it’s performance, they have never been known for putting up big numbers on a consistent basis, and although the 49ers defense has become one of the top defenses in the league over the last few years, the Jets have no excuse for going scoreless. You play football to win, defense gives you a chance, offense puts points on the board and points win games. Can’t win anything with a zero.

Where was the feared Jets defense? Nowhere to be found. With Revis out, even Alex Smith and the 49ers were safe to pass all day long against bench-warmers. The problem wasn’t just in the corners, the safeties were doing… whatever that was on Sunday along with most everyone on the field that wasn’t on the line.

Speaking of the line, the Jets are thin at the line on both sides of the ball. I don’t mean thin as in lack of great or even good players, which is also true in this case, what I actually mean is the Jets line on offense and defense is thin, not a lot of big guys, not a lot of guys with a naturally low center-of-gravity. It doesn’t matter how much motor a guy has if he is made of tin, once he runs into that heavy chunk of solid iron, well. Especially true when the line is obviously not getting results, again on both sides of the ball.

What is more interesting is that the Jets acquired Tim Tebow, practiced integrating the wildcat into their offense, and then failed to even do the most simple and remedial of actions in running the right plays, the situations you game planned for. Running the wrong plays was something I was unaware was possible after such preparation, causing Tim Tebow’s position on the Jets to become subject to the term experiment. Accident or mistake? Either way I don’t think that was the right way to handle that, if you know where I am going with where I think the Jets were going with this.

Which leads me to my next reason for failure, Mark Sanchez! He’s not worried about his job security after the horrible loss on Sunday, well that isn’t surprising, queue the tape Jimmy! Mark Sanchez has said this whole time, in his best Mark Sanchez unenthusiastic tone, that he is not worried about his job. He’s not worried about his performance after that terrible loss on Sunday, well that isn’t surprising, queue the tape Jimmy! Mark Sanchez has said this whole time, again in his best Mark Sanchez unenthusiastic voice, that he is not worried about his performance. Well I’m stumped Mark, when do you think you’ll ever get better? Fake Mark Sanchez response “I’m not worried about ever getting better.” Well at least a fake Mark Sanchez had the decency to say it.

Having no faith in Sanchez, I turn to Rex Ryan. Why would Rex Ryan bring in Tim Tebow to use him seemingly for the sole purpose of buoying Mark Sanchez? The same Mark Sanchez that most likely would be long gone, especially after Sunday’s familiar performance, if it weren’t for Rex Ryan being there at every turn. Why is a guy known as a defensive genius meddling into offensive affairs, particularly after consistent lackluster performances, and why he is defending and fighting for guys that are the weakest link in a broken and battered chain? Don’t even get me started on Rex Ryan blaming the defensive coaches over the players over the offense over Sanchez.

Something tells me there are potential superstars in the shadows of the Jets starters. The players need to step up, not just on the field but in the locker room, in the weight room and at team meetings. It is up to the players to say what needs to be said, demand what needs to be demanded, and take action when and where action is needed, because their leaders are no longer doing what must be done. Players, pick it up. Your game is on the floor, your game isn’t working, pick your game up.

Woody Johnson the owner of the Jets, most likely won’t be smiling for long. Once he stops, you can count on someone getting fired. If he fires Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez will be the first big name player to go, without a handshake or a thanks. Hopefully Rex Ryan sees this, because we know Woody won’t care what Rex sees or thinks when he fires him for making a slew of bad decisions, some of them multiple times.

As a Jets fan I always have hope. I have to, no matter how poorly a player plays, no matter how bad my team looks, no matter how discouraging the future seems, I have to have hope for my team. One day they will win a Super Bowl, and they will earn it when they do. Great play is always just around the corner, here’s to hoping it is around this next corner. Go Jets.

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