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Week 5 Picks: Xavier Huntington

For the record, the only things I do to the picks for XH are this message before his copied and pasted picks, adding in things like Sunday Night Footall over the games, and making his picks bold font if it is lost going from his email to this blog. He happens to be my coworker and runs the fantasy league I am in, GFL. Something about a fantasy auction draft in person, awesome. Thanks XH. Stand up guy.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 5 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Cardinals vs. Rams – Rams, A defensive matchup to the core. Kolb struggles. A pick six seals the game.

Sunday Football
Packers vs. Colts – Packers, Rodgers continues his return to form against the Colts. Luck has a good game too against a questionable Packers defense.

Ravens vs. Chiefs – Ravens, After all the pass happiness from the Ravens lately Ray Rice has a big day on the ground.

Browns vs. Giants – Browns? Logically, probably not, but I just had a feeling when I started writing. I think Eli is off and have a feeling the Giants could overlook the Browns, who aren’t great, but don’t deserve to be overlooked either. Shocking upset in the meadowlands. Riots ensue.

Eagles vs. Steelers – Eagles, Just a gut call really. The Steelers haven’t looked great to me this year, although neither have the Eagles.

Falcons vs. Redskins – Falcons, The birds continue to fly high. I think it ends up close, with the Falcons walking away with a narrow win and remaining undefeated.

Dolphins vs. Bengals – Bengals, This team is playing well and flying under the radar still. I like the combination of Dalton and Green, which will only become more potent in years to come. Bush has a big game against the mediocre run D of the Bengals.

Seahawks vs. Panthers – Panthers, The Seahawks have a suffocating defense, but I think Newton is on the money in this game while Wilson continues to struggle. The Panthers may not score many points, but the Seahawks will be hard pressed to keep up on offense.

Bears vs. Jaguars – Bears, This Jags team is still bad. Big games for Marshall, Cutler, and Forte. MJD as well, but only by default.

Titans vs. Vikings – Vikings, Under rated and going against a questionable Titans team. Chris Johnson goes back to his habits of the first 3 games and has under 50 yards on the ground.

Broncos vs. Patriots – Patriots?, I really don’t know about this one. Good games from both quarterbacks. This one comes down to the home field advantage of the Patriots, who rarely lose in Boston.

Bills vs. 49ers – 49ers, I’ll take them at home, thanks. Teams cant rush on the 9ers and the addition of Williams to the Bills defense hasn’t bolstered them as much as anticipated.

Sunday Night Game
Chargers vs. Saints – Saints, I think they finally start getting on track here at home. Brees breaks Unitas’ long standing record for consecutive games w/ a touchdown pass.

Monday Night Game
Texans vs. Jets – Texans, The idea of a second straight shut out for the Jets doesn’t seem too far fetched. Tebow will probably start next week.

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