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Week 5 Picks: Wayne Dobbs

Going 8-7 in week 4 was a fluke, I assure you. This week there are only a couple of picks I think could still be a toss up. Looks like I’ve got all of the udefeated teams remaining that way, and one of the teams without a win will find one this week.

Wayne Dobbs’ Week 5 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Cardinals vs. Rams: Cardinals – The Rams got away with stealing a win from Seattle, not with a comeback but just by being the Rams and winning a game against a  better team. Cardinals remain undefeated.

Sunday Football
Falcons vs. Reskins: Falcons – The Falcons are off to a strong start, rolling through opponents no problem despite a narrow victory at the end of the game versus the Panthers. I don’t think the Redskins have what it takes to pull off a win against this team right now.

Ravens vs. Chiefs: Ravens – The Chiefs aren’t as good as we thought they might be. Ravens and their defense all the way.

Eagles vs. Steelers: Eagles – The Eagles have been skimming along by the tips of their feathers, I think it will continue against the Steelers.

Dolphins vs. Bengals: Bengals – The Bengals are turning out to be a good team. The Dolphins are figuring out how to score points while the Bengals have been scoring for a while.

Packers vs. Colts: Packers – Packers in this one, I think Aaron Rodgers is going to find that groove again.

Browns vs. Giants: Giants – The Browns will win a game this year. Not this week.

Bears vs. Jaguars: Bears – The Jaguars are playing the same football as usual. The Bears however, despite Cutler and his receivers stil being in the middle lf the pack, have breen doing great and their defense has really stepped up so far.

Seahawks vs. Panthers: Seahawks – The Panthers could very well win this game, but after a dismantling by the Rams I think the Seahawks will be back strong this week.

Titans vs. Vikings: Vikings – The Vikings are playing tough football, we will see how the Titans handle that this year. Vikings in another 20 point game.

Bills vs. 49ers: 49ers – The 49ers are just too good for the Bills. It will be interesting to see if the Bills are able to air it out in this one, especially if they have to. Run games are the focus in this one, there isn’t a shortage of star rushers in this game.

Broncos vs. Patriots: Broncos – The Patriots came back to life last week, but the Broncos are better than the Bills overall. I think the Broncos will manage to take this game. Tough game.

Sunday Night Football
Chargers vs. Saints: Saints – The Saints burned me last week, and the Chargers surprised me this year. I still think the Saints will find a way to win this game, relying ln their ability to score all game long whether they are winning or losing.

Monday Night Football
Texans vs. Jets: Texans – The Jets got whooped last week. The. Texans are undefeated. I would be crazy to pick the Jets in this one. Texans from start to finish and a win.

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