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The Patriots take the reigns

The Patriots beat the Bills 52-28. The final score doesn’t do the game justice, not even close. The Patriots nearly shut out the Bills in the second half, while scoring 45 points in that same half. This game won’t soon be forgotten by either team.

So what happened? Tom Brady, that’s what happened. Prior to Sunday’s comeback blowout, Brady was playing a much different game than we are all used to seeing, despite looking good on paper with 887 yards passing, 4 touchdowns and over a 65% completion rate. On Sunday in the second half, Tom Brady looked like Tom Brady putting up 340 passing yards, throwing for 3 touchdowns and rushing for one touchdown. He went 22-36 passing.

The talk about Bill Belichick and his football mind or his plays and schemes had dropped to a minimum compared to the last few years. Perhaps it was the lack of two starting tight ends, instead having only one after such success with and planning for two. Grabbing the replacement official after a game was the most we had seen of Belichick this year, the media lacking in Belichick news all around. His plays and schemes managed to pull it off in the second half of Sunday’s game in a very big way, so we’ll probably be hearing his name on every sports show again.

One person that Patriots fans were undoubtedly glad to see on the field was Wes Welker. The talk of Welker being benched and training his replacement, coupled with his lack of performance, was beginning to seem like the real deal. Either they took the chains off Welker Sunday night, or he finally woke up. Either way it was a good game for the man, having caught 9 passes for 129 yards. Coincidence Welker was involved in the Patriots first positive showing? I doubt it. Will we ever know why he wasn’t being played? I doubt it.

The bench really stepped it up for the Patriots as well, especially in the running game with Brandon Bolden stepping up big, rushing for 137 yards and one touchdown. The Patriots defense deserves some credit as well, after giving up 21 points and being down 21-7, the Patriots held the Bills to just one more touchdown while their offense scored 6 touchdowns and 1 field goal. Impressive. The same cannot and should not be said about the Bills defense, because it is how you end the game that matters and the Bills giving up 45 points in one half of football is a solid reason not to compliment them, no matter how well they played in the first half against a struggling Patriots offense.

This win was big for the Patriots, not only did it show they can come together and focus, or that they can come from behind after comng together in an embarrassing game up to that point, but it shows they can still put up huge numbers. That alone will scare every opponent they face this year. Those 52 points are going to be in the back of every defensive opponent’s mind every time the Patriots offense takes the field.

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