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Fantasy loss and roster

This week I was up 3 points heading into the Monday night game. My opponent’s last player was the Bears D/ST. I lost.

The problem with my lineup is, all of my players are the #1 on their team in their respective position, makes it hard to replace them. But what do I do after Steve Smith only gives me a couple of points last week, despite having a potential beast of a QB in Cam Newton? I can’t make Newton throw the ball or stop being the only Panther still on the field while he is celebrating his rushing touchdowns. I wonder sometimes if he realizes nobody celebrates with him.

Stevie Johnson of the Bills is another promising #1 receiver, but Ryan Fitzpatrick is odd and goes back and forth in games from playing poorly to throwing the ball to every backup on the roster and racking up fantasy points for himself. That doesn’t help Stevie Johnson.

Nick Folk, the Jets kicker. I picked him up for two reasons, it was my last pick and I couldn’t remember a kicker that wasn’t already drafted, and I figured it was the Jets they would get to the red zone often enough and since they don’t score a lot of touchdowns that meant they would be forced into close field goals. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Frank Gore is projected for 23 points in week 5, so that is promising. Trent Richardson rushed for 15 fantasy points on Thursday Night Football, also promising. I am not sure about Darren Sproles, why though I have no clue, he has given me over 10 fantasy points every game and is a much more consistent flex than Eric Decker which is my flex starter right now.

My QB situation is fine in my opinion despite dropping my 3rd QB of Matt Schaub before his big performance this week. I have Matt Ryan in my lineup and Peyton Manning on the bench. Both continue to have good matchups. My problem now is figuring out which is going to out score the other, and I must admit, that is a good problem to have, that is the kind of problem you want to have.

I have the Bengals D/ST and the Falcons D/ST so as long as I alternate correctly based off matchups, I should be ok there.

I picked up a couple risks and bench breakouts, so far I see no reason to start any of them.

As it is now, I am keeping my lineup the same… Mostly because I have to.

I need to start scoring over 100 fantasy points a game or I’m going to see those losses pile up. Currently my fantasy team Sacramento Footlong is 2-2 in the GFL, the fantasy league I’m in.

Football enthusiasts and gurus alike, share some of your wealth in knowledge! If it turns out to be bad advice, however, you will be blamed as expected.

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