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Chuck Pagano

I’ve been wanting to write this for the past couple of days, but when it comes to life and death… Now I am ready to say this.

Chuck Pagano, it isn’t going to be easy. Despite how hard it is, or how hard it will be, you can’t leave, not yet. Your family and friends still need you. Your teammates need you. The fans need you. Football is a family, so is life. We may not know you personally, we may not know of the things you have done in life, but you entered our family when you were born and you entered our circle when you came to football, and we are thinking of you even if we can’t be with you. We want and need you to get better. From your family all the way down to your fans, stick around for a long time. And for what it’s worth, we appreciate you.

Looking forward to seeing you on the sideline again. Take care Chuck Pagano. Go Colts.

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