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I’m in the same fantasy league as last year, but this time around it’s an 8-team league. I have the same team name and logo as last year, but we’ve got some pretty funny team names this year. Currently I’m 2-1 and thankfully my division is closer to the way the NFC West used to be so I’m barely sitting in first. The guy below me is 1-1-1. Who ties?

Anyways, Sacramento Footlong is off to a decent start I think. Let me run down my roster real fast so we can start discussing this thing.

My starting roster:
QB Matt Ryan
RB Frank Gore
RB Trent Richardson
RB/WR Eric Decker
WR Steve Smith
WR Steve Johnson
TE Vernon Davis
K Nick Folk
D/ST Bengals

My bench warmers:
Fred Jackson
Peyton Manning
Darren Sproles
Jacob Tamme
Donnie Avery
Mikel Leshoure
Falcons D/ST

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. Bengals D/ST over Falcons D/ST? Eric Decker over Darren Sproles? Nick Folk? First, I had to get a Jets player and in my defense I figured they would be kicking a lot of field goals. I have the Bengals D/ST in because they are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, it makes more sense right now than to play the Falcons D/ST against a potentially explosive Cam Newton should he decide to throw the ball instead.

I have the Bengals D/ST at all because last year they were really good, not so great this year but I don’t think even if they continue scoring points that the Jaguars are going to be scoring enough to give me negative points. I’ve got Eric Decker because I’m hoping this is the week he and Peyton Manning finally connect big time on the field. Manning has been getting better and Decker seems to be his big target.

I picked up Donnie Avery, Mikel Leshoure and the Falcons D/ST off wavers or free agency, dropping Matt Schaub before his big game. I dropped Sidney Rice and Beanie Wells to make room. I sat through Fred Jackson’s injury, having him in during week 1 didn’t help either, but he is worth it or so they say.

Nobody thought Vernon Davis was going to do well enough to bid anything significant for him during the draft. I got away with most of my picks in the second half if not 4th quarter worth of the draft. We did an auction draft in person, which worked out very well. Preseason game on TV, lots of food, great times.

A team wanted to trade me Michael Vick and Percy Harvin for Matt Ryan, then he wanted to also trade me Michael Vick and Wes Welker for Peyton Manning and the Falcons D/ST. At least he’s trying, have to give him credit for that. The last team that offered a trade, as it turns out after I said no, was playing me that week!

I of course think that my fantasy team is good, not solid but good. After a 15 point night from Trent Richardson during the TNF game, I’m feeling pretty confident about this weekend. Let’s hope I’m right about who I’m starting.

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