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Week 4 Picks: Wayne Dobbs

After 3 weeks of football, I’ve got some of these teams figured out. Unfortunately with the drastic changes we have seen with the top teams and the bottom teams seemingly switching places this season. Still, there is fun in a toss up.

Alright Xavier Huntington, let’s see who is better than who. Whom. Whoever. Time for a bold pick right off the bat to stun and then confuse my opponent, leaving him laughing and vulnerable to attack.

Wayne Dobbs’ Week 4 Picks:

A little late, but it still counts. I wrote the Thursday pick Wednesday night.

Thursday Night Football
Browns 0-3 vs. Ravens 2-1: Browns – I’m not picking scores this year. Two reasons, picking the winless Browns to beat the Ravens, also after seeing me pick the Browns over the Ravens I don’t think anyone will want me to guess the score. Especially if it then turned out to be correct. Trent Richardson will outplay Ray Rice. Joe Flacco who? Flacco will play better than Brandon Weeden and people will keep talking him up. Browns come away with the upset. Sure hope I’m right, because if I’m not…

Posted! At 1:00 AM Sunday morning. You’re welcome.

Sunday Football
Panthers 1-2 vs. Falcons 2-1: Falcons – I’m picking the Falcons in this one for one simple fact: I think no matter how well Cam Newton plays, Matt Ryan and the Falcons will outscore him, and separately the Panthers.

Vikings 2-1 vs. Lions 1-2: Vikings – Matthew Stafford may play well not but well enough and Hill won’t get the job done either if he plays. Vikings D and a reasonable offense pull it off.

Patriots 1-2 vs. Bills 2-1: Bills – The Patriots could end up having another stinker. The Bills could end up playing well, as a team, for once. Either way I don’t like the Patriots to win anything over 20 points right now.

Titans 1-2 vs. Texans 3-0: Texans – The Titans had a strong showing last week, but the Texans are a good team every week. Matt Schaub may not have a big game, but someone on his team will.

Seahawks 2-1 vs. Rams 1-2: Seahawks – The Rams aren’t playing good football right now. The Seahawks are playing tough football right now. Jeff Fisher talked a lot in the offseason and the Seahawks are walking that talk in the regular season, should be interesting to see how his team handles someone else succeeding where they failed.

49ers 2-1 vs. Jets 2-1: 49ers – It always hurts picking against my team, but I think the 49ers will stay true to the game plan, with the right changes to correct last week’s performance. Frank Gore and the gang (of receivers) should have a nice overall game. Probably a low scoring game.

Chargers 2-1 vs. Chiefs 1-2: Chiefs – I don’t know what the Chargers are doing, but I can believe they are 2-1. It just happens. Jamaal Charles could have any kind of game, who knows, the guy has a faulty spark plug in his dragster. Chiefs look like a better team after a few games.

Bengals 2-1 vs. Jaguars 1-2: Bengals – Great passing defense by the Bengals should stop Gabbert easily. Maurice Jones-Drew will probably have another big game, but it won’t matter.

Dolphins 1-2 vs. Cardinals 3-0: Cardinals – The Cardinals are playing very well, the whole team seems to be coming together despite the QB situation which apparently could be worse. The Dolphins are showing promise with the poise of Ryan Tannehill in the pocket and his straight passes down the middle, but it won’t be enough right now as their team isn’t ready for games against tough teams like the Cardinals.

Raiders 1-2 vs. Broncos 1-2: Broncos – The Broncos are going to come out on top in this game because they are a better football team. The Raiders are still have some cylinders misfiring despite pulling off a win over the Steelers.

Saints 0-3 vs. Packers 1-2: Saints – The Saints have been scoring points, despite their lack of wins. The Packers however, haven’t been so lucky despite having a single win coming into this game. The Saints defense, or lack of ball-stopping defense, may give Aaron Rodgers and company what they need to finally score consistently but it won’t be enough to outscore New Orleans.

Redskins 1-2 vs. Buccaneers 1-2: Buccaneers – The Redskins still have some issues on the defensive side of the ball, which is overshadowing their impressive passing-game on the offensive side of the ball. The Buccaneers are building a reputation of the soon-to-be team to beat, by word of mouth, otherwise known as the media, which could be a good sign.

Sunday Night Football
Giants 2-1 vs. Eagles 2-1: Giants – The Eagles have been getting away with some interesting wins, their whole team isn’t very big but they play like they’re big and all of them are scrappy to boot so combined it creates for a legitimately tough football team. The Giants however are a real top-10 team when you take away the divisions.

Monday Night Football
Bears 2-1 vs. Cowboys 2-1: Bears – The Cowboys just don’t look right. The Bears should take this one in a game that people may say was a defensive game by both sides but we’ll all know it just wasn’t a great game. Sure hope I’m wrong, it’s MNF!

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