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Week 4 Picks: Xavier Huntington

Xavier Huntington went 9-7 with his picks last week, calling all but one upset with the Cardinals as he says it, but this week he’s playing against me with these weekly picks and you can bet we’re keeping score.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 4 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Ravens (2-1) vs. Browns (0-3)

I expect the Ravens to win this game handily. Big games from Flacco, Torrey Smith, and Ray Rice. I expect a decent game from Trent Richardson who thus far appears to be the only formidable weapon the Browns possess.

To this point the Browns have shown no ability to beat an elite team like the Ravens, however, as a division opponent I expect them to actually be somewhat competitive. Also of note is the Ravens propensity to alternate between hot and cold. However, I think the Ravens get out to an early lead and never give it up.

Final Score – 34-20

Titans vs. Texans – Texans, The Texans are a solid team, good ground attack backed up by a good air attack if the rush isn’t working as well as a stingy defense. The Titans will be hard pressed to score many points, especially on The Texans home turf

Vikings vs. Lions – Lions, This is a bad Vikings team riding high on false confidence after out Ninering the Niners. AP has a big game against the Lions lack of a run defense but that’s about it. Shaun Hill is a formidable backup quarterback and I expect their passing game to be successful this week, backed up by Mikel LeShoure on the ground.

49ers vs. Jets – 49ers, This is a good team coming off of a hard loss, they will be looking for revenge. I fear for the life of Mark Sanchez on Sunday. With Revis out and a running back apparently subbing for him the suffocating secondary of the Jets is not in tip top shape, though Cromartie is still to be feared. In the end I think San Francisco does what it does best, gets out to an early lead and holds on to it with a strong running game and stout defense.

Seahawks vs. Rams – Seahawks, Probably, but honestly, who really cares?

Panthers vs. Falcons – Falcons, One of the only times I can think of in which a bird will prey on a cat. In spite of Cam Newton’s stastical greatness the Panthers remain a losing team. The Falcons have made the playoffs the last three years running and I think they make it a fourth this year. The dual threat of Jones and White is too much for just about any defense to handle, and under Mike Nolan the Dirty Birds defense is much improved, sporting exotic looks. If Peyton Manning cant decipher it, no way Newton can.

Raiders vs. Broncos – Broncos, Peyton gets back to being Peyton in this game where the crowd in Denver will be cheering him on. The Broncos have a good defense, and the Raiders are now missing Heyward-Bey after last weeks big hit. I seriously was concerned that he was dead.

Dolphins vs. Cardinals – Cardinals, I don’t think the Cardinals are great, but I do think their defense is. Reggie Bush appears to be the only offensive weapon the Dolphins have, and with him leaving the game injured against the Jets who really knows what sort of condition he’s really in.

Bengals vs. Jaguars – Bengals, After years of horrible performances and missing the playoffs this Bengals team feels under rated to me. It comes down to the fact that there is just more offensive talent on the Bengals. “The Red Rifle” remains a solid quarterback after getting the Bengals to the wild card round last year. Blaine Gabbert is just not good, and until they have someone other than MJD to get them points this Jags team will struggle.

Saints vs. Packers – Packers, The Saints just aren’t good this year. Aaron Rodgers has a point to prove after back to back terrible games. No more languishing in the bottom of the fantasy QB pack. Brees will be solid as always, but missing true leadership on the sidelines the Saints continue to stumble.

Redskins vs. Buccaneers – Redskins, Just a gut call really. Nothing to back it up. I actually like the Bucs better, I just don’t think they win this one, even at home. Vincent Jackson has a good game, but RG3 has a better one.

Sunday Night Footbal
Giants vs. Eagles – Eagles, After a heartbreaking loss to the Cardinals I think the Eagles come out swinging, or flapping? McCoy and Vick both have good games, Eli struggles against the tough Eagles D.

Ok, as promised here is the Monday night pick.
Monday Night Football
Bears vs. Cowboys – Cowboys, The Cowboys defense appears to be improved over the last couple years. This really comes down to which team, shows up. This goes for both teams, they both seem to swing from seemingly unstoppable to worse than simply pedestrian. The Cowboys come out with a slight lead in a surprisingly low scoring game.

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