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Gravity isn’t so tough

Quotes have been flying around saying roughly the exact same thing, that you can’t have replacement referees and player safety, that you can’t have both.

Why thank you everyone, thank you so much. Let me spell those quotes out, they are an indirect way of admitting that players go out there trying to hurt each other, and that despite both the rules and knowledge of the rules if the replacement referees are in the game the players will break the rules by choice. Thank you for admitting referees, penalties, and fines are the only thing stopping these players from illegally hitting another player.

People have made excuses for the players at every turn. Speed of the game is too fast to stop or adjust to avoid an illegal hit is a very common one. Yeah, because that explains why it increased seemingly exponentially overnight when the replacement referees entered the game. Players make a decision, they have a choice, and they have plenty of time to react. A real man would see the guy is going down no matter what and that if he keeps pulling on him the poor guy’s leg is going to bust, and adjusts or reacts to keep player and fellow man safety where it should, both integral and full of honest integrity.

You can hit a guy hard and even knock him out for a couple seconds, without maming him, without intending to cause injury, without raising the risks beyond the game’s limits with their ever-growing list of safety rules. You can defend the line without rolling into a guy’s knee or pushing into his kneecap while your teammate pushes him from behind. You’ve been playing this game for 15 years and are an athlete so you should know when not to continue running at a guy that is clearly down and intentionally spearing into him helmet-to-helmet while your teammate does the same from behind, and I think I speak for most everyone when I say if that guy’s neck broke he would be dead, that is how bad and uncalled for it looks.

People can’t expect to know the limits nor the possibilities if they never challenge something. Stop giving players credit, yes he could have stopped he was still over 10 yards out when the guy clearly went down. Yes he could have tackled him if he used his arms and chest and oh my his muscles, instead of just oh my his muscles and shoulder and helmet trying to provide the hardest hit he can and apparently hoping the guy falls down on his own, on players where the receiver is moving sideways or backward not forward.

Until we live in the real world, we can’t show anyone we are serious about changing anything. Whether it is more or less safety rules. The replacement referees are bad, but flags shouldn’t prevent something that already happened, hence the flag. You shouldn’t have to threaten a competitor or an athlete to play with integrity, to compete because to compete is to test me against you equal everywhere but me and you, real competitors do it straight up and they win, that is a real athlete.

LATE ADDITION: There are some things that should be said when discussing this topic. There are players that intentionally break the rules when the regular referees are on the field, and there are players that unintentionally break the rules when the regular referees are on the field. It can be both because this is life and we all can make bad decisions and mistakes, so the question then becomes how often is it intentional or unintentional and what does everyone think.

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