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Enjoy fantasy football

A game within a game is boring, but a game within a game for those stuck watching others play a game, now that is fun. Fantasy Football has become a staple of the NFL. We watch all throughout the offseason, intently following player news. Trades, injuries, if it affects anything then you can be sure we know about it. Yet interestingly enough, you don’t have to be a fan of the NFL to enjoy Fantasy Football, in fact it is quite the opposite. Fantasy Football is fun because it brings people together and allows them to enjoy playing a game with each other while giving everyone a reason to let loose their reasons for not investing their enthusiam, and everyone experiences the greatest show on turf.

Fantasy Football is the bridge for regular people with no interest in football to enjoy themselves with others while they become enthusiastically emersed in all that the NFL has to offer, and the best part is it gets people to stop being too lazy to give the NFL a shot and makes them want to become more and more involved on their own. It is like saying no thanks to chocolate all your life, then one day a friend convinces you to try some, and your reaction is why didn’t I try this sooner! NFL is the chocolate of sports, it is the chocolate of entertainment. Chocolate sounds so much better than diamonds. We should change all rating systems to the chocolate system.

The amount of time put into fantasy football is not much at all, especially after the draft in the beginning. The best part is it is the fantasy football league itself that will get a person to follow the nfl, whether its here and there or all the time. Articles, videos, games, no matter how much time you have to spend or what your ability to access media is. The NFL is everywhere, all the time, you just have to look.

However you see fantasy football, if you haven’t tried it then trust me it is worth such a minimal investment of your time and if you’ve stopped playing it you need to go back, find real people and do your draft online or in person, just find a way to play fantasy football because you will be thankful you did.

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