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Football is back!

Well, it has been a while. Some football has been played. Life is good, so of course there is much to discuss in the Peanut Gallery. We are, of course, fans after all. When the game has any downtime what do we do? We go get more beer, right, but that isn’t the point. Yes, we take the opportunity to relieve ourselves of said beer, but again that is not the point. The answer is not getting another surprisingly not bad hot dog, or nachos. No, the answer is we complain!

Think about it, where else in the world can adults get together and take every opportunity to complain? At least, where can you find this without an angry or violent response from the receiving end of those complaints? Sure, when the team is doing great it is all about boasting your team and trashing the other team. Insults are the closest equivalent of a complaint in sports, though many would disagree saying a complaint is more along the lines of giving up on your team or being a negative influence within your team. That is the point, those people are thinking within a team. We are fans, we complain about everything and insult everyone else, whether done with class or the more common way of shall we say less than classy.

Players and coaches complain on the sideline, it gets their frustrations out in the open and aleviates obstacles they perceive, in terms of coming together or focusing to win the game. Fans complain and they don’t even acknowledge it, whether complaining themselves or hearing a fellow fan’s complaints. For three hours adults get together and if their team is losing then it is a nonstop whine fest, or in the case of Green Bay a nonstop whine and cheese fest, the whole time being unaware that what they are hearing if said outside of a game would have negative results. Nobody can handle too much complaining, even during a game, but nowhere else will you find the acceptance of anothers gripes to be so far and wide than with a fan during a game.

So sit back and relax. Grab your favorite beverage, stuff yourself with your favorite foods, and enjoy whatever game is in front of you. This is the Peanut Gallery, where everyone has an opinion. Agreement is optional.

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