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Week 3 Picks: Xavier Huntington(ham)

Undisputed picks champion Xavier Huntington(ham) has his first picks list of the year. I am posting this for him because one he didn’t write a ‘Hello, How Are You, Im Fine Thanks For Asking’ introduction to his picks. For the record, he got in his Giants vs. Panthers pick before the game Thursday, although I am not sure why he refers to some teams by their name and to others by their city, but when you are the reigning picks champion you can pretty much do whatever you want.

So here it is, the first picks posting of the year, two weeks late.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 3 picks:

Giants (1-1) vs. Carolina (1-1) – My pick: Giants, Even with Cam Newton and the resurgence of Steve Smith I just have a hard time thinking of the Panthers as good or competitive team. The Giants haven’t looked great except for that half against the Buccaneers, but I think they show up for this game.

Saints (0-2) vs. Chiefs (0-2) – My pick: Saints, This one came down to homefield advantage for me. Arrowhead is a tough place to play and Brees is not as dominant outdoors. Luckily, he’s home in the Superdome. I think the Chiefs actually play them close, but NO comes out with the win.

Rams (1-1) vs. Bears (1-1) – My Pick: Bears, A loss to the Packers in a surprisingly defense filled game and a dominant win over the Colts in Andrew Luck’s first professional game, or a close loss to an up and coming team Lions team, and a close win over RG3 in his first professional game. I think it’s close with the Bears out on top, and hopefully a big game from Brandon Marshall, GO BM!

Bills (1-1) vs. Browns (0-2) – My Pick: Bills, While I think Cleveland eventually wins a game or two, I don’t think it is this one. Sorry Cleveland fans.

Jets (1-1) vs. Dolphins (1-1) – My Pick: Jets, Reggie Bush is good, but Miami is still bad. They got rid of their best cornerback, so even Sanchez should be able to dissect that secondary.

49ers (2-0) vs. Vikings (1-1) – My Pick: 49ers, Their defense should be able to stop a recently injured Adrien Peterson and they have enough offensive weapons to wear down the Vikings defense.

Buccaneers (1-1) vs. Cowboys (1-1) – My Pick: Cowboys, The Buccaneers should not have as much success in the passing game as last week, conversely the Cowboys should expect more.

Jaguars (0-2) vs. Colts (1-1) – My Pick: Colts, They aren’t as bad as everyone seems to think. The Jaguars are. Luck appears to be past the jitters he had in game 1.

Bengals (1-1) vs. Redskins (1-1) – My Pick: Bengals, The Bengals have a surprisingly solid defense, even if they haven’t demonstrated it thus far. The Redskins have some key defensive players missing. I think this will be a big game for the BJGE

Lions (1-1) vs. Titans (0-2) – My Pick: Lions, Another lame game for Chris Johnson up against the Lions #6 run D. The Titans defense has not demonstrated a defense capable of stopping the aerial attack of the Lions. Calvin Johnson’s first big game of the season. After which he dies of a happiness heart attack; Madden Cursed.

Falcons (2-0) vs. Chargers (2-0) – My Pick: Falcons, Probably a big game for Julio Jones since Roddy White had a big one last week. I’ve figured out the pattern see… The Chargers don’t have enough offensive weaponry to contend with this improved Falcons D.

Eagles (2-0) vs. Cardinals (2-0) – My Pick: Cardinals, Gut call really. I think they pull off the upset at the end of the game.

Steelers (1-1) vs. Raiders (0-2) – My Pick: Steelers, I think The Raiders do not pull off the upset at the end of the game. Or any part of the game for that matter.

Texans (2-0) vs. Broncos (1-1) – My Pick: Broncos, For no reason

Patriots (1-1) vs. Ravens (1-1) – My Pick: Ravens, The Ravens have a good defense with the ability to rattle Brady, which is really all it takes. The Patriots Defense is improved, but they have no answer for Torrey Smith or Ray Rice in this game

Packers (1-1) vs. Seahawks (1-1) – My Pick: Packers, Rodgers and the offense gel to a level never seen before and become Overlord of Earth. The Seahawks stout D is vaporized.

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