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The Peanut Gallery’s Super Bowl Picks

Super Bowl XLVI is upon us. That is 46 for those of you that… Who cares? It’s the Super Bowl! Once a year the two best or the two luckiest teams get together, in someone else’s stadium, and destroy any records for viewer ratings. The plays in the Super Bowl are almost always better than during the regular season or the playoffs. Last game of the year, bonus for winning, your mom watching at home, a lot of pressure to play like real athletes and actually sacrifice their body to make any play. This is going to be fun.

You may have noticed that these picks are coming up today as opposed to last night, like I said they were. Sometimes, in a man’s life Johnny, he falls asleep wherever he is at, in whatever comfortable position he is in on the couch, because, well Johnny, life is hard.

It looks like Xavier Huntington isn’t going to get his picks in to us on time, so we will just have to do it for him! Hopefully our mock pick for Xavier will remind him. When I told Vince Veritas my pick he cheered. If I were him I would hope my record doesn’t finish 2-5. Onto the picks! Xavier just got his picks into us so the post has been updated as can see from the update at the bottom. Way to keep us waiting, Xavier.

Super Bowl XLVI
Giants vs. Patriots

Wayne Galaxy
Pick: Patriots 31, Giants 27
Take: I am not going to talk about stats coming into this game. It is simple. I am a Jets fan. Rooting for the Patriots is unacceptable. Although I will be rooting for the Giants tomorrow, you cannot deny the Patriots the credit they have earned. The Master and the Apprentice haven’t been doing or saying much, which leads me to believe the dark side is up to something. I sincerely hope the Patriots lose tomorrow, not much I can add to that. I just don’t see the Giants stopping the Patriots late in the fourth quarter. If the Giants are to have any chance at all, the late season push will have to push a little harder in Super Bowl XLVI.

Xavier Huntington:
Picks: Giants 31, Patriots 24
Take: In a rematch from both week 9 of this year and the super bowl of the 2007 season the Giants and Patriots meet once again. The Giants won the previous two meetings in hard fought battles. They should do the same again on Sunday. Their superior defense and Eli Manning’s ability to sling the ball with the best of them, not to mention what is basically a home field advantage in Eli’s brother’s hometown of Indianopolis, a city whose quarterback is embedded in a rivalry with the Patriots’ Tom Brady. The Patriots did not beat a team with a winning record and so far in the playoffs have faced little actual competition, defeating the lowly Broncos, and having a game handed to them by the hot and cold Ravens. This is a team riding high on false confidence. The Giants, on the other hand, have only enjoyed one home game, a whooping of the Falcons. Their other wins have been on the road in Green Bay, grounding the Packers air game, and in San Francisco in a hard fought battle that was likely decided by two almost interceptions. This will be a close game, in which the Giants should be able to pull out a victory.

Vince Veritas
Picks: Giants 31, Patriots 20
Take: Someone’s going to come away with their fourth Super Bowl victory this Sunday in Indianapolis. The Patriots, somehow, are 2 ½ point favorites; I guess this is what odds makers see on paper. The game, however, is played on a field. And judging from current and past events, look for the Giants to impose their will and secure another world title. The Patriots will make some noise and, no doubt, benefit a bit from the officials (Tom Brady gets more calls than Tim Duncan used to). But in the end, if the same two teams who have shown up during the postseason show up Sunday, prepare for a second New Year’s Eve party in Times Square. Anyone who has watched this postseason knows that, thus far, the Giants are the better team in every category (yes, I mean at Quarterback and Head Coach too). They were better than the Packers, better than the 49ers, and are certainly better than any AFC squad. They stopped Aaron Rodgers and will stop Tom Brady. They are road warriors who look at this game as another road game and as, once again, underdogs, who haven’t received their proper respect. They will execute their game plan and come away victorious, hoisting yet another Lombardi Trophy.

This year, two teams that did well during parts of the year and bad during others, almost alternating at times, are coming together to give us the single greatest live performance of the year. This is the time of year to pull out the barbeque and invite your friends over. Watch the game, and actually enjoy the commercials, with a complete sense of satisfaction the entire time. How often can you say that?

UPDATE SUNDAY 9:56 AM PST: Xavier Huntington got his picks to us just in time! Only a few hours left until the Super Bowl. Good job Xavier. I suppose we’ll remove ham from the end of his name now.

  1. Mark Boonie
    January 27, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    I just hope we don’t have a repeat of the officiating we got with the Seattle / Pittsburg Super Bowl after Jerome Bettis announced his retirement

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