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Just Some Things

Ok, so there are a lot of things out there to talk about regarding football. Here are some things I can think of right now, and might talk about at some point soon.

The referees. The NFL takes the top referee in each position throughout the league, and brings them together for the Super Bowl. The stars will assemble on Sunday. And the teams will be there as well. There are 17 crews of referees in the NFL. The same referees working together every game on each crew. Surely there has to be a superstar crew of referees that trust the judgement of the other referees on their crew, because they know eachother so well, that could possibly do a better job this Sunday. But if the Super Bowl on Sunday turns out to be a perfectly officiated game… I will probably still write about it.

The Colts. This has been great. Who doesn’t like reading articles from the Colts’ owner? That’s really the best part. Irsay says keep it in house, says some other things, what is the big deal? So he didn’t keep it in house and keeps talking and referencing in house conversations for why he is talking to the media. Like I said, this has been great.

The Jets. What happened to Rex Ryan? Why isn’t anyone saying anything anymore? This feels, strange.

The Super Bowl. The real question is will I get to it before or after the game.

The Peanut Gallery’s Super Bowl Picks. These will be posted tonight. Although if Xavier Huntington doesn’t get his picks in before the picks gets posted, I will just have to put on his toupe. And apparently figure out his Super Bowl picks.

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