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Playoff Picks Catastrophe

How could I have gone 1-5 in my playoff picks? Ok, ok. This post isn’t about me even though it is titled to imply that it is about my horrible picks. This is actually about Vince Veritas and his amazing 6-0 picks. If you want to know who will win the Super Bowl, Veritas is taking calls.

No ‘Vince Veritas’ is not going to give you his picks, that is why we put up our picks up on Friday . . . Ok we are just lazy, but posting our picks on Friday is a good way to lower the odds before you use Vince Veritas’ informative and seemingly psychic ‘out of nowhere’ knowledge to your benefit. I am sure Vince Veritas is very knowledgeable when it comes to football. Your very own Wayne Galaxy apparently is not knowledgeable of football when it comes to playoff picks, however if you want to base your picks off my own picks, betting the opposite seems like a sure thing.

Let’s start at the beginning, well the beginning of The Peanut Gallery’s picks.

First Veritas picked the 49ers over the Saints in the divisional round of the playoffs. A lot of people probably remember thinking no defense can save the 49ers from Drew Brees and the Saints if the 49ers offense can’t play better than in the regular season. The 49ers played better than in the regular season. Then Veritas picked the Patriots over the Broncos, which we all picked, my only correct pick. Veritas picked the Ravens over the Texans which most people saw coming, but there was still hope this game would put me on top. The Texans lost.

Of all the times to pick the Giants over the Packers, Vince Veritas nailed it. In the 2nd round of the playoffs, the Giants went to Lambeau Field. Xavier Huntington picked the Packers, we all know who else picked the Packers. Heck, you probably picked the Packers. Vince Veritas picked the Giants, going an undefeated 4-0 versus 3-1 and 1-3.

In the 3rd round of the playoffs, Vince Veritas had yet another undefeated round. Managing to pick both conference championship games correctly, Veritas moved to 6-0, removing any hope Xavier Huntington had of winning. After getting lucky with a Patriots pick, Tom Brady throwing for no touchdowns, Veritas boldly predicted the Giants would beat the 49ers at home in Candlestick. Though the final scores weren’t quite as high as Veritas predicted, it was the sole prediction the Giants would win, that proved to be yet another clamp on the ‘Picks Title’ so to speak.

The Super Bowl, even if worth a couple points, most likely still would not be enough for either Xavier Huntington or your own Wayne Galaxy to come back and win the picks contest. Vince Veritas has been lights-out the past two weeks, and we will see if he can continue his streak and correctly pick the Super Bowl.

Now that we have two weeks until the next real game, the Super Bowl, we just have to find a way to convince Vince Veritas to do a special bonus pick for the Pro Bowl. Thankfully Veritas doesn’t know much about the Pro Bowl this year, maybe we can make the Pro Bowl pick worth real points, to make this a contest again.

Due to my 1-5 record, Veritas wants me to pick the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. You can probably guess who Veritas is going to pick.

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