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The Raiders Have Problems

Early in the NFL season the Raiders were looking like early playoff contenders. Head Coach Hue Jackson looked like the first promising Head Coach hire of Al Davis in a while right out of the gate. Then Jason Campbell and Darren McFadden got injured.

It can be argued really any way you like, but there are some serious questions facing the decisions that were made. Let’s start with Carson Palmer. Was he worth not having a first-round draft pick in 2012 or having to buy your way back into it? Probably not. Was he worth alienating your QB Jason Campbell? Probably not. True he played at an above-average level, but so does Mark Sanchez when you really get into it, so that is kind of a moot point, and possibly an even more embarrassing comparison. Considering the Raiders receiving core was only above-average at best, they seemed be playing on par the first few games Carson Palmer played. However at that price tag and with (hopefully) obvious immediate needs and demands on the offensive side of the ball, it seems perhaps more should have been done by Carson Palmer.

Does anyone care that Carson Palmer didn’t show up for camp with the Bengals? There are so many behind-the-scenes power-plays and strong-arms that it’s hard to tell wgat the situation was for Palmer. Either way I am pretty sure you need tough skin to play in the NFL. If players get their feathers ruffled by management, then maybe these aren’t the toughest men in sports today. But it was quite interesting to watch the whole
‘Bengals Drama’ thing during training camp.

The passing game was fortified with a consistent running game. They were saved with the above-average running by Michael Bush who actually looked pretty good this season despite appearing to not have his hips on a swivel. That kind of backup play probably made Al Davis smile. Those are the players he went for, after all.

So then how would Al have handled Jason Campbell getting injured? Would he have given up the bank for Carson Palmer or would he have accepted his season was over with a backup QB? I am leaning towards the late Mr. Davis at least keeping Jason Campbell happy while his team lost the rest of the season. Though knowing Al Davis in the offseason he would have gotten rid of Jason Campbell.

The Raiders defense gave up the big points in the final game of the season. It may be easier to credit the Chargers offense for coming through in a must-win. However the Raiders were also hoping to sneak into the playoffs with a win in that final game of the season.

Either way the Raiders are in quite the pickle. After firing Head Coach Hue Jackson, they now have to decide if they want to keep Carson Palmer, assuming he wants to stay in Oakland. I now am wondering what Hue Jackson told Carson Palmer while luring him to the Raiders, or rather what he promised him. The blow up after the final game by Hue Jackson may have been very telling, if he bet something big on this, or multiple somethings. More than just draft picks and Jason Campbell.

Let’s hope the entire Raiders organization gets it’s act together. Maybe they can start with a new stadium.

Well, maybe try something that costs less. Like having Owner Mark Davis get a hair cut that doesn’t involve a plastic bowl or the 70s.

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  1. January 12, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    Trade Carson to a desperate team (i.e. Jets or Seahawks) for a third or fourth round pick and draft a QB to compete with Jason Campbell in the third round is my suggestion to the Raiders. Jason Campbell is a great QB, but he has never been able to be in one offensive system for more than one season dating all the way back to his Auburn days.

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