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Ok so, I won my fantasy football league Superbowl. That’s right, you’re reading words from a champion. I might not be a real champion, yet, but this is pretty close.


The glass slipper fit perfectly

As it turns out, the glass slipper fit perfectly as the Sacramento Footlong capped off their Cinderella season, defeating the Fluffy Bunnies, 102-69, in the Super Bowl. With that, they’ll be fitted for rings and erect a shrine to proudly display the Arnsparger Trophy of Excellence.

Hindsight is 20/20 in Fantasy Football, but the Bunnies were left smarting from bench points that could’ve made this a much closer contest. In the end, though, and after the math is done, it wouldn’t have mattered. The 33 point gap was too much to close, largely due to an ineffective defense and kicking game. 

With the victory, the Footlong is in rare company as they eclipsed the 1988 49ers, 2007 Giants and 2010 Packers (all 10-6) and now officially hold the distinction of being the team with the worst regular season record to turn it around in dramatic fashion and finish an unlikely champion. Were they charmed? Most certainly. Were sub-par efforts by their playoff opponents the deciding factor? No.

The Footlong playoff roster was the epitome of balance, and balance wins. In the big game, five of their nine players scored between 13-22 points. The others contributed some spare, but significant, change. My preview of this contest forecast a game in the low 100’s–this is what I though it would take to compete for the title. Footlong’s 102 points filled that prescription. And with that, M. Dobbs can enjoy an off season as Champion.

Vince Ferraro
Undercover Journalist”

I made sure to send an email to the Fluffy Bunnies team owner. You know, just to be nice. It went something like this: ‘I won. Don’t be jealous. You can touch the trophy, for a couple seconds.’

I sure do like competition.

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