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The Fun in Fantasy Football

The best part of Fantasy Football is the enthusiasm of everyone in the league.

Someone in my league wrote a short column about the upcoming Superbowl game, enjoy!


Fantasy Football: And then there were two

And then there were two: The Fluffy Bunnies and The Sacramento Footlong. These two finalists will meet for the coveted “Arnsparger Trophy [of Excellence]” in this weekend’s FFL Superbowl, with a chance to be crowned World Champion.

Team parity ran rampant this season as many teams hovered around 500%. There were exciting, close games, blowouts, and sea-sawing battles for playoff berths as Train Wreck dominated in the West, while Team Logjammers secured the East title in short order. That all came to a screeching halt come playoff time as the eighth seeded  Sacramento Footlong stunned the number one seed Train Wreck in the first round, demonstrating the number one seed’s need for a Heimlich maneuver.  Similarly, Team Logjammers (#2 seed) escaped the first round only to lay an egg and be totally dominated by the Fluffy Bunnies (#3 seed) in the semis, producing an anemic 44 points.

Judging from recent performances, the two finalists are fairly evenly matched.

While Footlong struggled early, owner M. Dobbs made the necessary adjustments to secure the final playoff spot. And the “Cinderella” story continues as he approached this week’s final as an 18-point underdog. But Footlong has long been comfortable fighting from the bottom and likes his chances.

The favorite in this week’s final matchup, the Fluffy Bunnies, were also streaky at times this season, sporting a record many feel was not indicative of their talented roster. But when the Bunnies were “on”, they appeared a top-level team. Like Dobbs, Bunnies owner W. Gravvat made some key mid-season moves to strengthen his team and finish strong.

Interestingly, despite talent on both sides at the running back and receiver positions, neither team boasts a marquee quarterback. So, look for a game that is in the low-100’s. While we all hope for a close game, we all know that anything can happen. I suppose if one were a betting man, the Bunnies look like smart money. This columnist, however, sees it as a coin toss and anyone’s game.

Vince Ferraro
Undercover Journalist”

Good stuff.

Now I just have to hope I make the right decision at WR. I’m a sucker for good fun smacktalk, and the Giants got my Jets talking big and promising bigger but they haven’t performed yet. The real question is if Plaxico Burress or Santonio Holmes are better than Dwayne Bowe with Kyle Orton, which one do I choose?

One thing is for sure. Between the smacktalk and common interest, Fantasy Football has become something I will surely welcome back next year.

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