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I joined a Fantasy Football league this year with a few guys from the office. I hadn’t been keeping up with the players for a couple of years, but the big names never escape true football fans.

My league manager went with an auction draft, and I came into it loud and cocky. I dont play games with people. Everything I said was at least true of my opinion. By the end I had a decent roster. I figured I would be trading or waiving players like Pierre Garcon, possibly even early. I didn’t expect to be dropping DeAngelo Williams. After early performances by Michael Turner looked grimm I taded him, to the future undefeated team in our league.

After my first few games the losses started piling up. With only 10 people in my league I was sure to have a playoff spot with just a few wins, or so I thought. As the weeks went on I picked up a couple players from waivers, Marshawn Lynch being one of them. He did not disappoint. I made a trade for Frank Gore, somehow. It happened to be the saturday night before he had his first big game back. I was very happy. The team that traded him, publicly was not as happy. My team was starting to win games again.

As the regular season came closer to an end at week 13, I made a trade to the undefeated team. My 49ers defense, for their Bengals defense and Dwayne Bowe. Matt Cassel had just gone out. The #2 team, at the top of their division was not happy to see this trade. They tried to block the trade but the trade went through. I questioned my decision making, but ultimately it let me drop Sidney Rice and finally gave me someone else to put in besides Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes at my bottom WR spot. The confidence from this move through positive points, lead me to playing the right players and making it to the playoffs as the bottom seed #8. The Bengals defense helped out a little. Ok a lot.

My first game was against the undefeated team. Frank Gore, Marshawn Lynch and Beanie Wells did not disappoint. Matt Ryan was a good decision. Aaron Rodgers tanked. Which made me happy. Because he was on their team. Even with all of that, there was one thing that made my victory over the undefeated team ever so sweet.

In was my Jets defense that outscored their 49ers defense. Go Jets.

I had another close game in the 2nd round, the SuperBowl being third. After a Sunday night game my opponent broke our tie with a 22 point night, by Ryan Mathews. I’m sure you remember the following Monday night game between the 49ers and the Steelers. The power went out not once but twice. My players got a touchdown not once but twice. Frank Gore and Vernon Davis came through. I needed 22 to tie. I got 25. Go Niners.

Now my team is in the SuperBowl and there is a coveted trophy for the winner. The ‘Bill Arnsparger Trophy [of Excellence]’. I’m the underdog. I plan on winning.

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  1. December 23, 2011 at 6:36 am

    Good luck!

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