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‘Run First’ Worked for Our Ancestors, so Why Not in Football?

With the recent 4-1 record of the Denver Broncos after starting Tim Tebow, one has to wonder just exactly what type of play can have success in the NFL and for how long?

Running the ball most every play wouldn’t typically work, however when the runner is a Quarterback with an open lane we see the exposure of the defense. But why does it seem that the Broncos are having more success with this open lane exposure to their Quarterback? Because their Quarterback is playing outside the box of traditional plays. Or if you prefer, Tim Tebow is playing like running backs in their prime, by that I mean he sees an opening and runs that way.

If you go back and look, most quarterbacks most of the time they have an open lane for maybe a few yards gain will throw the ball instead. Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles last season had great success taking advantage of an open lane or wide open side of the field by running rather than throwing. It paid off by moving the ball.

So why don’t we see more of this? It could be that should the opposing defense prepare for this kind of play by changing their plays to match, that this type of offense would crumble and is easily defeatable. But then why is it however, that we have not yet seen a defense prepared for this type of offense? Perhaps the system and current type of plays being designed are within a set mold, possibly having come to the conclusion over years of football that this is the best system to compete in and against, for both offense and defense.

But still the question remains; If quarterbacks have had success running for a gain when the field infront of them opens up, typically after they drop into the pocket and are still holding the ball, why don’t offenses prepare themselves for this kind of advantage? Some may even call the free yards a gift. So why not take it?

This is a question better left to the Coaches. Only they know why the current system is the way it is despite a historied success with quarterbacks running for gains after the defense creates a hole.

The Broncos are the first team to drop the tradition. The first team to ditch the mold, and delve head first into what appears to be a winning format.

It also doesn’t hurt when your defense is consistently matching the offense’s new found success by keeping the game within range, thus making the run-first gameplan all that much more possible.

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