Week 11 Picks: Xavier Huntington

November 15, 2012 1 comment

Wayne Dobbs: No intro again this week from Xavier, that lazy good fer’ nuthin’. But, he is still beating me, even not counting after I missed picking a game last week on NFL.com our scorekeeper. Anyways, here are his picks this week.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 11 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Dolphins vs. Bills – Dolphins, I just don’t think the Bills have it. CJ Spiller should have a decent game with the majority of the carries since Fred Jackson is absent, even against the Dolphins solid run defense. The Dolphins aren’t great, but they’ve shown they can win some tough games. The Bills haven’t shown that yet.

Sunday Football
Cardinals vs. Falcons – Falcons, I was literally in the process of writing how I thought the Cardinals were going to get back to shutting down really good quarterbacks like they did earlier in the season, and while that may still happen, the Falcons have a respectable defense as well, and I don’t think whoever is playing Quarterback for the Cardinals now is up to beating them.

Bengals vs. Chiefs – Bengals, Should be an easy win for the Bengals, but I hope Jamaal Charles gets a good amount of carries and has success.

Jets vs. Rams – Rams, At home, they have good defense and the Jet don’t have a good offense. If Sanchez gets pulled though and Tebow comes in I reserve the right to change my answer.

Eagles vs. Redskins – Redskins, Im not sure whether Vick was helping or hindering the Eagles, but the fact remains this team is falling apart at the seams. The Redskins haven’t reached the mythical state of “there” yet, but they are starting to approach it.

Buccaneers vs. Panthers – Buccaneers, I stand by my mistrust of Cam Newton, despite flashes of brilliance and athleticism the Panthers still have not shown an ability to win. The Bucs can put up a large amount of points, and I think they will do so against the Panthers.

Jaguars vs. Texans – Texans, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Texans rested their starters in this game, and still won.

Browns vs. Cowboys – Browns, I think the Browns surprise in this one. I initially picked the Cowboys, but then I realized they really stink. They are too inconsistent to really trust. I think they drop an easy home win.

Packers vs. Lions – Lions, not for any reason I can think of beyond desire. Im tired of the Packers being good and I have a thing for under dogs, which the Lions have been for about as long as I’ve been alive and probably another 30 years on top of that.

Saints vs. Raiders – Saints, Both defenses are pretty bad. The one difference is the fact that Drew Brees is a competent quarterback where Carson Palmer likes to throw interceptions.

Cols vs. Patriots – Patriots, I think it’s a close game, closer maybe than it should be. The experience of Brady and the presence of Gronkowski get the Patriots the win despite all the chickens I sacrifice to the football gods.

Chargers vs. Broncos – Broncos, The Broncos already beat the Chargers in San Diego and the trend likely continues in the thin air of Mile High Stadium. Peyton seems on the ball now after some initial rustiness. The Chargers don’t have an answer.

Sunday Night Football
Ravens vs. Steelers – Ravens, Really just because I like them better overall. I have Ray Rice on my fantasy team and Big Ben is (allegedly) a rapist.

Monday Night Football
Bears vs. 49ers – 49ers, mostly because I don’t like picking against them. They ARE at home, but the Bears are good. Defensive, likely low scoring game. I just have a feeling Marshall gets a big reception that shifts the momentum at a pivotal moment. I still pick the Niners though. Im a homer what can I say.

Week 10 Picks: Xavier Huntington

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Wayne Dobbs: I dont’t know how, so don’t ask, but I disappeared from the face of the internet for a week and a half or so. Sorry to Huntington for not posting his Week 10 picks! There was no intro, and he did pretty good.

Xavier Huntington’s Week 10 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Colts vs. Jaguars – Colts, The Jaguars just don’t have much of a team. No passing defense to speak of. I think the Colts win handily.

Sunday Football
Titans vs. Dolphins – Dolphins, Coming off a tough loss I think the Dolphins have something to prove, and I think they kind of prove it against a struggling Titans team.

Lions vs. Vikings – Lions, They seem to be finally getting their feet under them. The Vikings have dropped two in a row, I expect this slide to continue for them.

Bills vs. Patriots – Patriots, After the Pats scored 50+ points in their last meeting the Bills will return with a vengeance, only to have another boatload of points dumped on them.

Falcons vs. Saints – I’ll take the Saints at home in this one. This Falcons team is bound to lose eventually, it makes sense that it would be to division rival Saints.

Chargers vs. Buccaneers – Bucs, The Chargers just don’t impress me, plain and simple. The Bucs may not have much of a record but they have shown they can put points on the board, or at least Doug Martin has shown this

Broncos vs. Panthers – Broncos, I expect Manning to tear apart the Panthers passing D. Newton will be electric, as usual, but that wont be enough to win.

Raiders vs. Ravens – Ravens, they should win easily, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

Giants vs. Bengals – Giants, Much like last week when I pick against the Giants they win, when I pick for the Bengals they seem to lose. Switching it up, hoping for the best. I like the combo of Dalton and Green still, but I think the Giants D and their offensive capabilities will prove superior.

Jets vs. Seahawks – Jets, somehow? I don’t have any sort of opinion to back this up, just a feeling I have.

Cowboys vs. Eagles – Toss up. I really cant decide here. I think both teams lose their head coaches at some point this season.

Rams vs. 49ers – 49ers, Coming off their bye, playing at home, against the lowest ranked team in the NFC West. Should be another good defensive NFC West matchup. However the 49ers have both the superior offense and the superior defense.

Sunday Night Football
Texans vs. Bears – Bears, The matchup of the night for sure. Two really solid teams both offensively and defensively. The deciding factor for me is that I just like the Bears better and so am rooting for them. Also I don’t have any fantasy players from the Texans, so that helps too.

Monday Night Football
Chiefs vs. Steelers – Steelers, handily. I think, or rather hope Charles gets a good amount of rushing yards, but I think the Steelers end up running away with this one.

Week 9 Picks: Wayne Dobbs

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Looks like I managed to have a positive week last week. My record so far is 41-30, considering we started the picks this year in Week 4. I’m hoping for a strong performance this week from the home teams, not because they are at home, it just worked out that way.

The one thing you can count on in this league is an upset, and fans becoming upset. Apparently coaches as well. Let’s hope we see more coaches becoming upset on the sideline in the near future, I mean who doesn’t like childlike behavior with their football? Oh, right.

A little late with the picks, I know. So I brought proof from NFL.com of my victory with the Thursday night pick, I finally won a Thursday Night Football game again!

Wayne Dobbs’ Week 9 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Chiefs (1-6) vs Chargers (3-4): Chargers
TNF Week 9 Pick NFL.com

Sunday Football
Cardinals (4-4) vs Packers (5-3): Packers – The Cardinals aren’t a bad football team, but their defense isn’t good enough to both stop the Packers offense while also scoring points for their own offense. The Packers may win a close game, but this game should be decided by a score difference of 10 or more. Packers on top at home.

Ravens (5-2) vs Browns (2-6): Ravens – The Ravens have looked bad in recent weeks, but the Browns are not a better team. Despite being at home, despite having media praise as a sleeper team, despite having somewhat of a notable defense, despite having somewhat of an equally notable offense, the Browns are not a good team and won’t win this game. The Ravens will take this one, regardless of how close this game could be from pure lack of offensive success.

Dolphins (4-3) vs Colts (4-3): Colts – I’m not sure about this game. I don’t like either team to win. The Dolphins have been explosive at times on both sides of the ball, while the Colts have been mostly consistent on both sides of the ball. I’m going Colts in this one, I think Andrew Luck will find a way to win if they are behind in the 4th.

Lions (3-4) vs Jaguars (1-6): Jaguars – After last week’s performance by the Lions, a lot of people could easily write-off the 1-6 Jaguars at home. I am not one of those people, the Lions are not a great team this year and neither are the Jaguars, but the Jaguars are due a win after appearing to have come together. I’m taking the Jaguars in this one.

Broncos (4-3) vs Bengals (3-4): Broncos – The Bengals are a decent team. Good defense, good offense, just not quite pulling out those wins. The Broncos on the other hand have a little bit better of a defense, a little bit better of an offense. The Broncos have also won one more game this year than the Bengals. Despite being on the road and having similar team comparisons, the Broncos should be able to win this game.

Bears (6-1) vs Titans (3-5): Titans – This one is a gamble, but I’m willing to take it. The Titans have a high-powered offense as of late, and the Bears hit a roadblock recently. Whether or not the Bears game was a fluke will determine this game. I’ll take the Titans offense at home, despite the Bears having what could be a true defense.

Panthers (1-6) vs Redskins (3-5): Panthers – I think the Panthers will continue to climb out of the hole their in after nearly beating the Bears last week, while the Redskins could continue to lose games from sporadically good and bad play. If Cam Newton can find a deep threat in this game, they might score enough points to win.

Bills (3-4) vs Texans (6-1): Texans – It is true that the Bills score a lot of points, it is also true they have a defense around the lower-end of mediocre. After the Texans lost Brian Cushing and followed that the next week with their first loss, and it was a huge loss, their seasoned looked over. Not anymore. The Texans are proving to be a great team this year, and should be able to win this game at home against an offense and runs and guns their way to success.

Vikings (5-3) vs Seahawks (4-4): Seahawks – This is one of those games you wish you could pick both teams. Strong defenses, great running games, mediocre quarterbacks, this game is going to be close. Seahawks should be able to pull it off with what appears to be the better offense and defense, though slightly if at all.

Buccaneers (3-4) vs Raiders (3-4): Buccaneers – The Raiders defense isn’t very good at home, well they aren’t very good anywhere but at home this season they haven’t generated turnovers. Turnovers typically give the Raiders a chance to win, unfortunately it is also typically their only chance to win. The Buccaneers have been lighting up the scoreboard throwing the ball deep, they should win this game.

Steelers (4-3) vs Giants (6-2): Giants – This is one of those games where no matter what one team does, the other team can come back at any moment and win the game. I think the Giants will come out on top. Hopefully we see a shootout on Sunday between these two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks.

Sunday Night Football
Cowboys (3-4) vs Falcons (7-0): Falcons – I’m picking the Falcons for a number of reasons. The Falcons are one of the best offenses in the league this season while the Cowboys offense falls apart regularly throughout games this season. The Falcons have won by being ahead the whole game, and by coming from behind this season. The Falcons are undefeated and are at home. Sorry Cowboys, but you just aren’t very good this year and the Falcons remain the only undefeated team for a reason.

Monday Night Football
Eagles (3-4) vs Saints (2-5): Saints – The Saints are going to win this game the same way they play every game, by scoring a lot of points no matter what. The Saints defense is pretty bad, lucky for them they aren’t nearly as bad as the Eagles offense. The Eagles and their, interesting, defense won’t have what it takes to stop Drew Brees and company Monday night. We’ll all be watching Andy Reid for any hint of expression. Saints will win this one.

Here’s to hoping we have some great games this week! Comebacks and upsets!

Week 9 Picks: Xavier Huntington

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Xavier Huntington:

After possibly being the only person in the known universe to pick the Browns to win last week why would you go anyplace else to find out ahead of time who’s going to win?

Xavier Huntington’s Week 9 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Chiefs vs. Chargers – Chiefs, Neither of these teams is really any good this year. No real reason for pickings the Chiefs, in fact since they are on the road the safer bet is probably the Chargers, I just have a feeling the Chiefs win this one.

Sunday Football
Dolphins vs. Colts – Dolphins, This Dolphins team is quietly good. I think they continue their winning ways against the Colts with Andrew Luck still trying to find his place in the NFL.

Bills vs. Texans – Texans, I want to say Bills for some reason but keep second guessing myself. The Texans are one of the best teams in football while the Bills are… not. Could the Bills win? Sure, but they shouldn’t.

Cardinals vs. Packers – Packers, The Cards continue their losing streak. This is a game of strength against strength. The Cardinals suffocating defense against the Packers high scoring offensive assault, and the Packers lackluster defense against a Cardinals offense that just cant get anything going. I expect the Packers to come out on top.

Panthers vs. Redskins – Redskins, but really who cares, RG3 (this years golden boy) vs. Cam Newton (the golden boy of yesteryear). Regardless of who wins it should be one of the most entertaining games of the season. In the end I give the advantage to the Redskins.

Bears vs. Titans – Bears, They are currently one of the best teams in the NFL with a solid defense and an offense that is still trying to find itself but definitely capable of streaks of brilliance. I expect one of those streaks against a weak Titans team.

Ravens vs. Browns – Ravens, The Browns will keep it close, but the Ravens are superior in every aspect of the game.

Broncos vs. Bengals – Broncos, Both these teams defenses have fallen since last year, this should be an entertaining offensive game. Peyton Manning has looked pretty good since coming back from neck surgery, with the exception of some wobbly passes. I like the chemistry between the Red Rifle and AJ Green.

Lions vs. Jaguars – Lions, They seem to be finally finding themselves on offense (perhaps a little late), and I expect that to continue against the Jaguars, who may or may not have MJD.

Vikings vs. Seahawks – Seahawks, I think? I don’t really know about this one. It should be close.

Buccaneers vs. Raiders – Buccaneers, just because the Raiders are bad.

Steelers vs. Giants – Giants, Im not sure why but I always seem to want the Giants to lose lately. I’ve been picking against them for like 5 weeks solid now so Im switching it up and not sure what sort of results im really hoping for. If they win, I picked right, but if they lose they finally freaking lost. It’s win win.

Sunday Night Football
Cowboys vs. Falcons – Falcons, The Cowoys are just too inconsistent. You never know which team is going to show up. I expect them to be brilliant for a portion of the game and utterly terrible for the rest of it. The Falcons haven’t been the picture of consistency either, but when it comes down to it they’ve been able to muster whatever it is they need to win the close games.

Monday Night Football
Eagles vs. Saints – Saints, While they probably wont make the playoffs this year they should beat an Eagles team in freefall.

My fantasy team could be in trouble!

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My fantasy team lost last week, again. 2-4-1 is not quite the record I had expected to have, but if you thought I was giving up you are wrong! The Sacramento Footlong need to turn it around in the GFL, or I might be watching the playoffs this year.

Picking up Ryan Fitzpatrick last week to cover for Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning on a bye week ended up being a great move. Dropping Brian Hartline was also a good move. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I want to replace the failing Steve Smith of the Panthers with Josh Gordon of the Browns, who just so happens to still be on the waiver wire. Cam Newton still looks better than Brandon Weeden, but as weird as it sounds, that could change soon.

Stevie Johnson finally had a good game, thankfully it was the same game I played Ryan Fitzpatrick. I’m going for that again this week with Peyton Manning and Eric Decker, it doesn’t work out very often. After seeing Manning throw for 300+ yards in three straight games, I think it is finally time to elect Manning the starter of my fantasy team over Matt Ryan.

I was lucky enough to have a great performance from Frank Gore, to cover for the big zero Vernon Davis gave me, but unfortunately Gore appears to be banged up. He doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal, but the media is treating it like the Trent Richardson injury. Speaking of Trent Richardson, I played him last week and now that he has admitted he isn’t playing at full capacity, despite playing at full capacity with prior injuries, this injury might be serious enough to bench him this week, and I have done exactly that.

To replace Trent Richardson I brought in Darren Sproles, not a bad replacement. Thankfully receiving points count for running backs, or Sproles wouldn’t be worth his fantasy weight in paper. I’m going with three receivers this week because my only other running back, Fred Jackson, has a bye this week. Eric Decker hopefully puts up some kind of numbers, any numbers. I made a play for Randall Cobb just to fill my starting roster with absolutely any potential.

I picked up Dustin Keller (go Jets!) as a backup for Vernon Davis. I figured after last week, Vernon Davis will make sure he is extra open this game. Also, Dustin Keller had a great full game back, which is what I will need to backup Vernon Davis. I’m keeping Lawrence Tynes the Giants kicker because he’s ranked number one in kicker fantasy points and the Giants are playing the Cowboys this week. Every Cowboys game, there are a ton of kicks from both teams.

I had picked up the Packers defense last week because the Falcons defense had a bye week. It ended up being a good pickup, not because they did well last week but because they have a good matchup against the Jaguars this week. Fortunately for me, the Falcons have a better matchup against the Eagles this week. I’ll take the better Falcons defense against the turnover-prone Eagles offense long before I even consider the Packers lack of defense going up against the Jaguars completely lack of offense, even this week when the Jaguars are missing their two biggest offensive threats.

All I can do is hope I fix the problems I’ve had the last couple of weeks, while juggling players to cover for bye weeks.

Week 8 Games to Watch

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There are only a few games this week with the potential to be great. Fortunately for you, I’m going to talk about some of them!

Week 8 Matchups to Watch!

Redskins(3-4) vs Steelers(3-3)
This game has it all, quarterbacks, running backs, offense, defense, ugly color combinations. These two teams are incredibly similar right now, if you hadn’t already noticed. Both quarterbacks have the potential to make the big plays both at any given moment and all game long. Both backfields can run the ground-and-pound all game long. Both defenses can play tough at times. Before this season, who thought you’d hear someone say the Redskins and the Steelers are incredibly similar?

The Redskins have Robert Griffin III at the helm and Alfred Morris in the backfield, quite the duo at this point in the season. Given the fact teams are learning to plan for both players to run the ball, and run it well, it’s no surprise Robert Griffin III has had so much success in the passing game. Combine that with a defense that has at times given up as many points as their talented offense can possibly score, and we could have quite the performance from the Redskins on offense.

The Steelers know how to make plays, with Ben Roethlisberger commanding the offense. Their defense is a little suspect this year, given a few injuries. Seeing a similarity yet? Combine the Ben Roethlisberger lead offense with a defense that hasn’t been as tough lately, and we could see the ball fly on a regular basis tonight with the Steelers.

Big plays are just around the corner, all we need is for both quarterbacks to play like they mean it. Two superstar quarterbacks going head-to-head with mediocre defenses make this a game to watch.

Giants(5-2) vs Cowboys(3-3)
This is one of those games where you hope both teams don’t have a bad night offensively. Between the Tony Romo lead Cowboys and the Eli Manning lead Giants, this game has a chance. The Cowboys have been falling apart lately, so it may take closer to a miracle for them to come together for an entire game, or enough in the 4th quarter. The Giants have been crushing teams, we just have to hope their defense doesn’t play so well tonight so the Cowboys have a chance.

The Giants are playing very well this year, with Eli Manning throwing the ball deep on a fairly regular basis. It also helps when your receivers catch the deep ball, as often as its thrown. The Giants defense can go hot or cold, but when they go hot they definitely are going to make somebody hurt. The Giants have a nice backfield as well, able to run the ball for a majority of the time between Eli Manning throwing the deep ball. Let’s hope we see more passes than runs.

The Cowboys need to get it together. Tony Romo smiles too much for the type of performance he’s been putting up, stinking up the place along with Dez Bryant. Miles Austin has had a pretty good last couple of games, so has DeMarco Murray who is unfortunately injured. The Cowboys need a helping hand tonight, and the only place they’re going to get it is on the defensive side of the ball with a turnover.

Here’s to hoping the Cowboys offense figures out what the problem is before we end up watching a one-sided game.
Having two teams in one game that can and have put up huge numbers despite the competition makes this a game to watch.

Saints(2-4) vs Broncos (3-3)
This game is going to be great. Drew Brees and the Saints always score points, their defense always gives up points. Combine that with Peyton Manning running the Broncos offense and we’ve got ourselves a game. This won’t be about defenses, although they might play tough and come up with a few big plays of their own. This game will be about the impressive offense of both teams.

The Saints have Drew Brees throwing the ball for them, a sure sign there will be passing touchdowns for the Saints by the end of this game. The large number of Saints players able to catch the ball and make plays after the catch is what gives them their incredible edge when comparing their offense to pretty much any defense. Their defense used to be revered, now they make the big hits while giving up the big plays, so nobody cares. If the Saints want to win this game they are going to have to score points, because their defense gives up more points than any other team in the NFL.

The Broncos have a well-balanced offense if you think about it. Peyton Manning is great, which he again proved this year, but he is throwing to only two wide-receivers and a question mark at tight end. The Broncos run game is actually doing pretty good, with Willis McGahee coming up big in yardage on a fairly regular basis. The Broncos defense isn’t what it was last season, but they are better than the Raiders defense so they can’t be the worst.

These are two teams that should be in the post season, at least to give us a show during the playoffs or the Super Bowl. Two fantastic teams, despite their records, going at it in a shootout is what makes this a definite game to watch.

Sleeper of the Week
Falcons(6-0) vs Eagles (3-3)
The Falcons are undefeated, their offense is consistently putting up numbers, their defense is consistently creating turnovers. The Eagles could or should have no wins, their offense is consistently turning the ball over, their defense is consistently stuffing offenses. This could be a great game and will likely generate a lot of highlights, on the defensive side of the ball.

Week 8 Picks: Wayne Dobbs

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Well I had a positive ratio last week, but I’m still behind Xavier. He picked some upsets and at first I laughed but once I made my own picks I began to see what he was seeing. Not sure I trust some of the better teams to win on the road this weekend.

Wayne Dobbs’ Week 8 Picks:

Thursday Night Football
Buccaneers(2-4) vs Vikings(5-2): Vikings – I’m not sure about this game. If the good Buccaneers show up, this should be their game on points regardless of the Vikings defense. If the good Vikings show up they should be able to keep this game around 20 points and get to the quarterback often enough. I’m going Vikings because they have been much more consistent, they are at home, and their record is much better.

Sunday Football
Falcons(6-0) vs Eagles(3-3): Falcons – Falcons in this one. The Eagles have a good defense, but they lost their defensive coordinator. Between Michael Vick and the Falcons defense, the Eagles might not have a drive without a turnover. Falcons 7-0. Did I mention I’m starting the Falcons defense on my fantasy team this week?

Dolphins(3-3) vs Jets(3-4): Jets – I have to pick the Jets in this, I have to. They usually don’t reproduce after scoring more than 25 points, but the Dolphins have them angry and chomping at the bit. Likewise most likely the opposite direction as well. Picking the Jets because I’m a Jets fan. Go Jets! No hot sauce!

Patriots(4-3) vs Rams(3-4): Patriots – The Patriots should be able to pull this one off. Bill Belichick is smarter than everyone on the Rams sideline. Offensive weapons favor the Patriots a little too much in this one.

Redskins(3-4) vs Steelers(3-3): Steelers – The Redskins have been coming back and keeping games close or blowing leads, I’m not sure what they’re going to do besides score some points. The Steelers have Ben Roethlisberger and a tough defense, and they are at home.

Seahawks(4-3) vs Lions(2-4): Seahawks – The Seahawks should be able to pull out a low-scoring win over the Lions, as in the Lions will have a low score. Road wins are fun.

Chargers(3-3) vs Browns(1-6): Chargers – I’m picking the Chargers in this one because they have been playing fairly well despite playing fairly bad, while the Browns lost their run game most likely for this week as well so their passing game shouldn’t be too hard to cover. Excluding of course Brandon Weeden to Josh Gordon once or twice this game.

Panthers(1-5) vs Bears(5-1): Bears – The Bears should win this game, and it will make the Panthers look bad. Which is bad, because the Panthers need a win coming off a loss after their bye week.

Colts(3-3) vs Titans(3-4): Titans – The Titans should win this game for a few reasons. Besides being at home, they can score points, a lot of points. The Colts also don’t appear to be a good team minus the sporadic appearances of Andrew Luck, which do create highlights.

Jaguars(1-5) vs Packers(4-3): Packers – The Packers at home to the Jaguars, I like this matchup. I’m still not starting the Packers defense in fantasy, but I like this matchup. No MJD or Gabbert for the Jaguars. Packers should win this game handily.

Raiders(2-4) vs Chiefs(1-5): Raiders – I think the Chiefs had better get used to the idea of 1-6. The Raiders aren’t a horrible team, only a bad team. The Chiefs right now are a worse team. Brady Quinn won’t be able to put this offense together in team to beat a Raiders team that only thrives on teams that are worse than themselves.

Giants(5-2) vs Cowboys(3-3): Giants – The Giants are good on the road against teams that should win at home. Sorry Cowboys, a negative record is just around the corner. Look for more Eli Manning deep passes.

Sunday Night Football
Saints(2-4) vs Broncos(3-3): Broncos – The Saints do score a lot of points, but the Broncos are at home. The Broncos are also playing better recently, and the Saints defense gives up more points than any other team. This should be a good game. Sunday Night Football is the best.

Monday Night Football
49ers(5-2) vs Cardinals(4-3): 49ers – This game could end up going to the Cardinals for a number of reasons, from their defense that keeps teams in range to their offense that started to click at one point thus having potential, but I think the 49ers can win this on their offense alone if they choose to. The question is, will they choose to this week? Not to mention the 49ers defense, which I just mentioned, is one of the best.

This should be a good week of football. Hopefully Xavier doesn’t end up being right, again, or I’ll never catch up.